Residents Want Street Closed To Block Truck Traffic

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(Olive Branch, MS) In more than 40 years, the loudest thing LC Stewart has heard on his street is the sound of his leaf blower.

But he’s concerned a nearby road extension could bring trucks by the dozens by his house at all hours of the day and night.

"I hope they don’t do it. I really like it and hope it stays this way.”

That’s why some of his neighbors appealed to the Olive Branch Board of Aldermen for help.

Their neighborhood has been quickly surrounded by huge trucking companies and they’re concerned about safety.

Mayor Scott Phillips says the city has worked hard to accommodate business while keeping neighborhoods peaceful.

"We’ve tried to or have been trying to regulate some of the truck traffic throughout Olive Branch and it’s always a challenge.”

But neighbors on Ross Road want to go one step farther.

What neighbors want, is for the city to cut off Ross Road and turn it into a cove so trucks traveling the new Nail Road don’t rumble through their neighborhood.

Olive Branch Aldermen didn’t make any firm decisions at Tuesday’s board meeting.

They say they’ll give the neighborhood’s request some thought.

”It’s something that we’re just gonna have to sit and evaluate and take our time and do it and make sure we make the right decision the first time," said Mayor Phillips.

And since he’s surrounded on at least two sides by trucking companies, Stewart says he’s hoping Olive Branch leaders will help him keep a little peace and quiet.

"I'd prefer to see the trucks go somewhere else, yeah, right. We got enough of ‘em up there.”