Paying Passengers Bumped For Athletes, Fined For A Bad Review And Live Tweeting Conversations?

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Here today are Danni Bruns from 98.1 The Max, Steve Conley with Classic Hits 94.1 and our own Kris Anderson.

An entire Delta flight recently got bumped, to get the Florida Gators basketball team to a game.

Delta says the team's plane had problems so they put them on the other plane, which they hoped to get working, so the bumped passengers could leave as close to their original departure time as possible.

Well, that didn't work.

And the whole flight got canceled.

A Houston Texans Security Guard says a picture with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady got him and another employee fired.

Their employer says it's strictly against policy for workers to ask for pictures or autographs from players.

But the security guard says they were done with their duties for the day, when they saw Brady at the stadium.

Should they have been fired?

A Salt Lake City couple is facing a big fine and a hit on their credit score just because they posted a negative review about a website.

It stemmed from a product they ordered, but never got.

There was an obscure non-disparagement clause on the seller's website.

But the couple says that was added after they tried to make their purchase.

The internet does give anyone the ability to say anything anytime, which can be bad, but does a policy like this go too far?

It's becoming more popular live-tweeting strangers' conversations that you overhear.

This means sending out to your followers 140-character tweets of discussions you find funny or dramatic.

How does this make you feel about your privacy?