Christmas Lights Stolen From Collierville Town Square

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(Collierville, TN)  More than 150,000 lights are on display in the Town Square.

City workers do it every year, and city residents come out for Christmas pictures or just to get into the spirit.

But in the middle of the night, someone came by and ripped out many of the lights, putting the whole Christmas tradition in serious jeopardy.

“I'm really surprised, I'm shocked it happened out here,” said Belinda Buie.

If it wasn't bad enough, crews came out and spent hours putting it all back, plus spending the money to buy new lights...only to have the vandals return and destroy it all over again!

“It's pretty sad you're going to tear apart decorations everyone enjoys, hopefully they'll find them," said Michelle Thomas.

Police stepped up security and workers tried again replacing all the lights and trying to save the big tree lighting ceremony.

City leaders say it's cost them a pretty penny.

“It's frustrating and it's an unnecessary expense for taxpayers for stuff to put them back up and buy materials to put them back up," said city spokesman Mark Heuburger.

Be it prank, hate, or whatever the case, people in Collierville say it's important to send the message that those responsible won't win.


  • Wendi C. Thomas

    So sorry that you are shocked Belinda Buie. As I have commented before, what right do you have to feel free from crime just because you live in Collierville? I live with it everyday and you don’t see me “shocked”. This was just a case of vandalism. Learn to accept this and it will make armed robbery and homicide easier to live with later. -Wendi

  • Rach Hall

    We take crimes seriously in Collierville. We live there because it is a safe place. We expect our police department to catch these vandals and charge them to the fullest. If all police departments were as good as Collierville’s Police Department then we would have less crime everywhere. It’s not right to live in fear of the crime around us. What is right – is my right to live without crime and fear. If we all would just came together and demanded better – it would become just that. But people in Memphis seem to think it’s just natuarl to have so much crime so they live with it. Why? Why not change the culture and demand that the police force stop crime now. It comes down to choices and priorities. What is important to you?

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