18 Wheeler And Combine Collide In Ripley, TN

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(Ripley, TN) Two people have been taken to the hospital after a crash on Highway 51 in Ripley, TN.

The crash involved an 18 wheeler and a combine, which is a large piece of farming equipment.

Injuries are not known at this time.

Only one lane of Highway 51 is open in each direction inside Ripley city limits.



  • Don

    I can’t understand why the farmers are allow to move their equipment on the state highway without an escort. I had to pass 3 large pieces of farm equipment on Veterans Parkway in Millington after dark. they had some lights, but were so big I had to move over to the oncoming lanes to pass.

    • JustMe

      There are still a few regulations for farm equipment. For example, they pretty much can’t use what is designated as interstate highways, They are supposed to stay with a 50 mile radius of their origin… Now comes the weird part. A lot of the farm equipment, if loaded onto a truck, would have to get escorts and pay the fees for oversized loads, but if they are moving on their own power, they are exempt from a lot of those regulations.

      But, mostly, if they were within the lanes for traffic going the same direction, then they were legal, even if you had to go into oncoming traffic to pass.

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