Dyersburg Woman Crochets Cap And Booties For Prince George, Receives Royal Thank You Note

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(Dyersburg, TN) A Dyersburg woman crocheted a cap and a pair of booties and sent them to Prince George.

Mary Frances Anderson sent the handmade gifts to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in October, three months after the birth of Prince George.

What the 83-year-old received back in the mail from the royal couple has put her on cloud nine.

Mary Frances Anderson never dreamed her passion for crocheting would get the attention of English royalty.

"I start with my forefinger, I pull it through and make a stitch," said Anderson.

She just wanted to do something special for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after the  birth of their son, Prince George.

She showed us an example of what she sent.

"I decided to make a cap with a bill and the booties to match. almost like this one, but the one I sent was smaller," said Anderson.

She started the project this summer, before the royal birth, so she also made a cap and booties for a baby girl...just in case.

When it was announced the newborn was a boy, she got her son Jimmy to mail the "royal" baby gift in October.

"Even the local post office was amazed to see where the package was going to," said Jimmy Anderson.

Mary Frances Anderson, who lives in the Oakwood Community Living Center in Dyersburg, was also amazed that within a month she received a picture of the royal couple and their new baby.

"I was just beside myself. I could not believe it," said Anderson.

On the flip side of the picture is a thank you note from the proud parents.

"We're most touched by the thoughtful gift you so kindly sent on the occasion of the birth of our son, Prince George," read Anderson.

Mary Frances, who's been crocheting since 1970, is already known around Oakwood Community Living Center for the variety of things she crochets.

This new-found connection to royalty has made her even more popular with resident's like Betty Roberts.

"I feel like I know royalty now," said Roberts.

Roberts said her friend Mary Frances has even tried to teach the art of crocheting to other residents at Oakwood.

As popular as she's become, Mary Frances doesn't think she'll be having tea with the royal family anytime soon.

"I doubt it. They've got lots to do, I'm sure," said Anderson.

Mary Frances Anderson says she just enjoys making things for people and gets a thrill out of doing something to make people happy.

And to her we say..."Jolly well done!"

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