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Homeowner Shoots Alleged Burglar

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Memphis) Audrienne Owens said criminals have targeted her neighborhood for years.  She thought they got better until her son came running to her around lunch time.

“My son said, ‘Momma I heard a gunshot’ and I looked in and police were there”, said Owens.

Police said the man living in a home just down the block called 911 saying he heard someone breaking the glass of his rear window. By the time officers got there, the home owner had come face to face with the men coming through his window and he shot at them. One was hit and found a block away.

“It's not you taking the law in your hands; it's exercising your right as a citizen” said another woman who didn’t want her identity revealed.

She said her gun is always loaded and she’s ready to protect herself. She said criminals will never get the message unless we stand up and show them we're ready to fight back.

“If you're foolish enough to put your life on the line. I'm not. I want to live”, she said.

Police are still searching for the second man who supposedly was trying to break into the home and others in this Hickory Hill area say they're proud of their neighbor for protecting himself.


  • Tim

    There should be no question a person in their home has the right to protect themselves, their family, their guests, and their property.

  • leantotheleft

    I have 3 quick comments about the responses to this article. 1) I applaud the homeowner for protecting his life and property. That’s what the second amendment is all about. Having said that, 2) “a well regulated militia” certainly means appropriate limits can be legally set on gun ownership and their uses. Mental/criminal screenings and bans on assault weapons along with magazine and bullet limitations should be acceptable to any rational person. 3) Several comments dealt with taking or banning all guns by the liberals. I can’t name one person in any position of government who has EVER said they want to ban all guns. No one has said it and the gun advocates should Stop making that false claim. Thank you for your kind attention.

    • CharlesInTexas

      2. When all the crooks, terrorists and criminals give up their guns, then maybe I will accept limits on the type of weapons, ammunition, magazine capacity I can use. But since that is never going to happen I will stand behind my second amendment right to keep and bear arms WITHOUT INFRINGEMENT. The right given has nothing to do with a militia. 3. You need to go back and listen to Feinstein, Bloomberg, and the Brady zealots again if you think the libs aren’t talking about doing away with all our guns.

    • Jonathan

      You might want to go back and re-read some of the liberal comments. They want to remove guns, no questions asked (at least from citizens, because the Gov’t would never use them illegally).

      A ban on “assault weapons”? Whats an assault weapon? Anything that looks ‘dangerous’? Guess what there has been a full auto restriction since 1934, that severely taxed and restricted automatic weapons. My real question here is about “assault-weapons”. by breaking down compound word, we get Assault and Weapons. What is an Assault Weapon? Quite simply, a weapon that can be used in assault. Any weapon can be used in an assault. Therefore an “assault weapon” can be anything. Which is why I do not ever want it to be seen in a legal document. because what counts? does my .22 that looks like an AT-15 count? Its a bold action gun that I got so my son can goto the range with me (he isnt heavy enough to shoot my handguns or large caliber rifles).

      I’ll also say this, a .17 can kill you, a .50 can kill you. A metal body pen can kill you. All of these things have been used in violet crimes. Gasoline has been used in a majority or arson cases. When are people going to stop blaming inanimate objects for crimes. We dont blame mirrors for making people anorexic (they look fat) why do we blame guns for murder when we should be blaming the way society handles violent crime.

      This man did what was necessary to protect himself. But if I were him, I would be investing in a nice 12Ga.

    • radioguy7

      You say no one has said they want to take away all guns. You are wrong, Sen. Dianne Feinstein has said several times that is what she wants to do, and would propose legislation to do just that, but she knows there is not enough support in the Senate to do that. Also Rep. Nancy Pelosi has said the same thing. You, I am sure will choose not to believe this, but you are very wrong. They are READY to do just that, to take ALL guns away. Wake up man!!

    • cs78

      Anyone who knows history not just what they are told about history understands the “Bill of Rights” has multiple amendments condensed into individual amendments for ease. The Right of the PEOPLE to Keep and Bear Arms is separate from A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free STATE. Yes, they are in the same amendment but for two separate but equal purposes.

      Your right to own guns is for not just the defense of the nation but the defense of yourself, property, and family. It is also a checks and balances system. Now is a crime to mention this portion but originally it caused voting for the good of the country and not the individual.

      Also, if you do some research you will find several people claiming they want to take all guns away. Dianne and Nancy I know were on live TV and several other radicals running or in political seats.

      If you would do your own research instead of watching CNN (I hate them because they had Jane Fonda on and made her out to be a Saint). She needs to be face down in a fire ant hill covered in honey. I do not believe what I see on TV, I have been killed twice and kidnapped once if you believe the news.

    • Marion Forbes

      Please educate yourself. Feinstein and Pelosi have said they want to ban guns. I realize its easier to BELIEVE they would not take your ability to protect yourself away. You are probably a nice person that wants to believe in the good of humanity and our government, but so did all the nicely behaved people that walked calmly into the gas chamber they also wanted to believe.

    • Deerp!!!

      well, if you stop and REALLY READ the constitution…. you’d realize that the way this country was FOUNDED was that the whole of the populace was to be an “unorganized militia” thus we SHOULD HAVE ACCESS to military grade and style small arms typical of infantry soldiers. yes, there are US Supreme court cases that deal with this very issue.
      also, what is the purpose of limiting the amount of ammo in a magazine? the only thing that does is limit the law abiding!! most criminals don’t just walk into a gun store to buy their weapons. they’d get kicked out by the NICS check!!

  • Lindsey Jordan

    Every person in the United States of America has the legal right to protect his home and everyone on his property with the use of a firearm under the Constitution. Our President is trying to take that right away from us. For what reason? I am sure the White House where he and his family live is highly protected by the use of firearms! Obama has proven to be a very dangerous threat to our country and should be thrown out of his position because of his very long list of lies. Have you ever wondered what he is really up to?

  • russ

    If a person has the audacity to enter private property. U should ulbeable to.shoot on sight. T he problem in this world is we have lost along the morals of what we are as gods. children. I believe we all should beable to kill anyone breaking in ur home.

  • buzzword

    I keep seeing comments that the homeowner should have shot.them dead, that it was not good shooting because he didn’t get both perps. Unless you are military or law enforcement I seriously doubt any of these people have been in a situation where they had to use a firearm in self defense. I have. You get tunnel vision. Your SA is vastly reduced. The adrenaline makes your hands shake. Fear makes your grip too tight and your trigger pull becomes less smooth and consistent. Not including the fact you are probably (had better be) moving to avoid personal harm. So I say excellent shooting. To you “better marksman” SHUT UP!

  • Renee Nabors

    I think there should be more people like the home owner. Not afraid to protect their property. How would you like it if someone was coming in through the window to steal your things. Way to go home owner. I am proud of you.

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