Volunteers Pitch In To Provide Thanksgiving For ‘Forgotten Souls’

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(Memphis) Hundreds of volunteers around Memphis are giving up their Thanksgiving lunches to help those in need.

One group is celebrating the homeless to make them feel loved with the Forgotten Souls Festival.

The House of Mtenzi holds the festival every Thanksgiving on Madison.

More than a hundred volunteers are setting aside the turkey to serve their neighbors.

“People are just excited, you know. It’s just a spirit of giving and when you give it’s infectious,” said coordinator Katrina Pure.

Pure says volunteers actually go out into the streets and find homeless people to bring to the celebration.

“What better way to start your thanksgiving off than giving to those who need,” said Pure.

The forgotten souls get a hot Thanksgiving meal, and volunteers pray and celebrate with them.

The group also passed out sacks of toiletries and other necessities.

Hundreds of items have been collected from groups all across the Mid-South, and those who need some help can fill up a shopping bag with whatever clothes they need.

This lasts not just Thanksgiving Day, but throughout the winter.

“People donate long-sleeved and short-sleeve clothing items so they can always layer up, which is good,” said volunteer Leshundra Robinson.

If it weren’t for volunteers like Robinson, people like Angela Busigo would have no other place to go.

“I just wanted to check out the festivities and I really think it’s a wonderful takeout,” said Busigo.

Terrica Cleaborn is a volunteer and says it’s important to give back because you never know when you may be on the receiving end.

“This could be me, I’m pretty sure most of these people didn’t grow up with the plan to be homeless so you have to give back and be a voice for the voiceless,” said Cleaborn.