Police: Univ. Of Memphis Student Brought Loaded Gun To Class

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(Memphis) A University of Memphis student is locked up after police say he brought a loaded gun to class before the holiday break.

It happened inside the Life Sciences building on Walker.

Investigators are still trying to find out why George Miller was armed.

They said another student spotted the gun in Miller's pocket and called police.

Officers said they pulled Miller out of class, patted him down, and found a loaded .40-caliber handgun. They also discovered two loaded magazines in his backpack.

"I'm pretty shocked. In general, I think of this as a safe campus. You hear reports of robberies or muggings, but that's usually south of here," said student Jordan Leumas.

Miller could also face disciplinary action since it's against university rules to bring a weapon on campus.

He's being held on $1,000 bond and is expected in court Monday.


  • american born muslim

    See…even though this guy might have permission to have a firearm it shows these caucasians are dumb enough to bring a loaded firearm to a classroom. It also is worth noting the silence of the usual malcontents and racists who NEVER say a word when Caucasian related crime is reported . This proves most of them are gutless sissy men not all but cmon on this guy should be EXPELLED for this action. Bravo to the student who called the cops on this TRASH hehe

    • George Washington

      First of all, they DID report it, which is why you’re reading it. Second of all, Muslims commit more acts of terror than anyone, so shut your mouth, you ignorant swine.

  • Don

    I’m not real sure this is not a caucasian matter, which is not a problem in this case. Some people think they are smarter than everyone and can do as they wish, and the prisons are full of those.
    My question is, why George Miller is loose on a $1000. bond. It should be $1000.000.
    He could have taken out several people if he wished , he had three loaded magazines Let him stay in jail if he can’t raise it. Maybe the next idiot who comes on the campus armed will think twice

    • Hard Truths

      $1000 bond in Memphis for carrying a loaded pistol and two extra magazines to a university campus.

      $75,000 bond in Memphis for half a dozen small pot plants.

      Priorities? Proportion?

      What brain-dead idiots set these bond STANDARDS?

    • American born muslim

      I can honestly care less THAT he is Caucasian i was being a smartass due gl the high number of unnecessary racist comments THAT normally appear on stories associated with minorites on wreg The thing am concerned why this guy would take a loaded firearm into a university classroom? I could care less his ethnicity stupid is stupid to me

  • Thomas H. Evans

    So we are concerned about people with “Mental Issues,” but we let this mentally disturbed person bring a gun to school with three magazines fully loaded, and the best we can do is $1,000.00 bail. He should stay in jail until a “FULL” evaluation of his mental state is done. So we let him go and he kills somebody, and the best we can do is say he was exercising his Second Amendment Rights. The student who turned him in may have saved the lives of many students on that day.

  • Wtngent

    Back in the 1970’s young men on the Memphis police force would often take evening college courses at the new community college called Shelby State. It was not unusual to see them walking around the building in their civilian clothes with guns stuffed in their jeans at the waist. I am not sure at what point the school put a stop to it, but the practice went on for several years. I recall being in classes with armed young men and hoping they were all policemen. I am not making this up.

  • Lacy

    George millers dad was declared a public nuisance from his craveclub , from having gun problems now his son likes guns too.

  • robc

    George Washington you are a fool. So American . Borm muslim speaks the truth and you go off the deep end? See fools like you are the true danger to the community. You cannot take a dissenting. Voice. I find it telling that you would try too think its ok taking a loaded firearm inside a university classroom. You sound like a communist

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