WREG Tests Promise Of A Trooper Every 20 Miles On I-40

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(Memphis) It's hard to miss on the overhead screens on Interstate 40.

It’s a challenge from state troopers to have no deaths on the road.

They promise to have troopers watching every 20 miles.

The number of troopers for this must be huge.

News Channel 3 put the challenge to the test.

We drove I-40 from the Mississippi River some 80 miles, almost to Jackson, Tenn.

We should have seen four troopers, but we only spotted one.

This trooper was helping someone change a tire on the side of the road.

We weren't the only ones not seeing troopers.

“I drove from Covington Pike and I didn't see a single one,” said one driver.

On our return trip over the same stretch of land, we saw the cavalry come out not for speeders, but accidents.

We passed at least three on the drive home, and a trooper at or headed to each one.

“I'm glad they're there, doing a great job, and the one I talked to in Arkansas was a great guy,” said another driver who got off with just a warning.

No one likes getting a ticket, but most are glad they're out there,  even if they may not quite be holding up their end of the bargain on this so-called "I-40 Challenge."

A spokeswoman for the state troopers said a trooper is assigned to every 20-mile stretch of the interstate, and perhaps they were moving and we didn’t see them.


  • Don

    I’m sure the troopers are pulled off of I-40 when needed elsewhere when needed for accidents and such but returned when through. Traffic control isn’t their only job. I’m sure there is an average of one to 20 miles. Good job officers.

  • not sure

    YOu will see more tonight, cause usually the drunks will be out after thanksgiving dinner. The troopers know this so they the tend to be out in force when the drunks will most likely be out. Remember they are human and only work 8 to 12 hours at a time. We do not have robocops yet.

  • Terry Walker

    Your story says: “The number of troopers for this must be huge.” If the writer meant the number of troopers utilized by all participating states, then yes. If the writer meant only Tennessee, then…not necessarily. I read in another story that Colonel Trott says that 128 troopers will be working I-40 during this time. Of course, the colonel knows far better than I what is needed for this project and knows far better than I how to apportion Tennessee’s troopers. However, to have one trooper assigned to patrol every 20 miles of I-40 in Tennessee during one shift, whether it be an eight, a ten or a twelve -hour shift, would require 23 troopers. I found on the net that I-40 runs 455 miles through Tennessee. 20 x 23 = 460. Of course, allowances have to be made for troopers to relieve others who have been working, etc. And it may be that some stretches will have multiple troopers. But just the basic fact of a trooper covering every 20 miles does not lead to a “huge number,” but a very manageable 23.

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