Shoppers Brave Cold For Hot Deals

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(Memphis) Instead of packing up and heading home for the holidays, Robert Bryant unpacked his camping gear at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon and set up a temporary home outside Best Buy in Memphis.

The doors open for deals at 6 p.m. Thursday.

"I started out doing this when my kids were in school. I got all of their laptops and their computers and their video games," Bryant said.

He's a pro, and he should be.

This is his 13th year camping out for Black Friday deals.

This year, he's first in line.

Helping him set up was William Minyard.

"Last year he was first," Minyard said."The year before I was first."

They both are hoping to get a new TV.

"The 39-inch LED for $169," he said.

The deals are so good, they say, Best Buy employee Stephanie Rankin is camping outside her own store.

"I'm getting 39-inch TV for $169, a HP wireless printer for 39 bucks, and some 16-gig flash drives for five bucks," she said. "I'm looking to save a lot of money."

Other shoppers chose to cash in on pre-Black Friday savings, including Chris Goff, who got a new stereo.

"It was already on sale and I don't feel like waiting in line in freezing cold weather," he said. "I'd rather spend the holidays with my family."

Don't think these people won't be.

"My family generally brings Thanksgiving dinner out to me and we generally eat inside the tent," Bryant said.

"I actually made a 15-course dinner yesterday and today," Rankin said. "I've got it all packed up and I'm going to bring it tomorrow, and we are going to have Thanksgiving on the side of the building. It's going to be great. I'm excited."

Excited and cold. The temperature dropped to 25 after sunset.

These shoppers just hope the hot deals are worth the wait.