Mid-South Moms Take Holiday Shopping Seriously

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(Memphis) For those who plan to fight through the shopping crowds this holiday weekend, you'll have to get your deals by going through a group of moms who mean business.

They start planning their Black Friday shopping two months in advance.

The group calls itself Team Black Friday.

For weeks now, Jenny Carter and her teammates have studied color-coded store maps.

Knowing every item on each others' lists, they plan to fight through crowds starting Thanksgiving morning.

“You have to be a go getter, not afraid to take risks, not afraid to run through the store and persevere,” said Carter.

This year, Jenny won't be running.

She hurt her leg and is in a boot, but the wheelchair's not stopping her.

“If anything is motivates me to get out there, get pushed in the wheelchair and get everything done quicker,” said Carter.

The team boasts they snagged three gaming consoles last Black Friday.

Team shirts from the past have the slogan Bring It On People.

“It is Black Friday, anything goes,” said team member Quay Garrett.

News Channel 3 asked the group to share a few tips to help you score what's on your wish list this year.

“We can't give a lot of our secrets,” said Carter.

But in the spirit of the holidays, here's a few of the group's rules.

“Shopping carts will only slow you down,” said Carter.

Another is to make sure your phone is fully charged.

“Restroom breaks are not allowed,” said Carter.

“What if you've been up for hours?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“You prepare for that,” replied Garrett.

“You don't drink anything that night,” replied Carter.

It sounds extreme, but these experts say it keeps them ready to snag great deals.

Not only do members of Team Black Friday shop for the best deals, they also fight to be named "Most Valuable Shopper.”

That comes with bragging rights for a year.


  • jamie

    i met this group for breakfast last year, around 2:00 a.m. at wolfchase mall food court. their energy level was as high as it must have been at the start of their shopping. these girls mean business. they are teachers and you’d be lucky to have one for your kids. great people!

  • JustMe

    Sounds to me like a group of people that need their heads examined. I haven’t seen any bargains that are worth the hassle of even getting out into the mess, much less fighting for. They can go risk their lives buying cheap junk while I will sit back, relaxing and saving my money for better things.

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