May Not Be Fixed By Dec. 1

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(WREG-TV) The healthcare deadline looms, but problems with the healthcare website won't go away.

There was a bit of back-tracking when government officials admitted their goal to fix the system may not meet the December 1st deadline.

Folks have been signing up in Memphis for weeks, trying to get the healthcare they are now required to have. But it's still hard to narrow down just how many have successfully enrolled in the Affordable Care Act.

A session last month at Christ Community Health Service saw most people signing up via paper applications.

Tuesday, we talked with the Community Development Corporation.

CDC has been assisting enrollees and says many are choosing the paper application route simply because they don't trust the website.

Getting a firm number on successful applications is difficult since applicants mail in their own completed form and wait to hear if its accepted.

The CDC says its only filed four applications via, and not all those were completed because the system kicked some out.

Now there is word that technical issues with the healthcare website may not be solved by this Saturday, the original deadline to have problems fixed.

Officials with the Obama administration say some people going to the website will still see outages and slow speed.

They say the system is getting better, but it still won't be perfect by December 1st.

You can still get help signing up for healthcare though.

CDC says two healthcare enrollment information sessions are set for next month.

One will be December 10th at the Pine Hill Community Center, and the other will be December 11th at the Ed Rice Community Center.

Both will be held from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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