18 Guns Reported Stolen From North Memphis Home

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(Memphis) An extra 18 guns are now on the streets.

The weapons, along with electronics, jewelry and money, were all reported stolen from a North Memphis couple's home.

"They came through this window," said Cortis Brown.

Brown and his girlfriend came home from work to find their home on Kney Street ransacked Saturday afternoon.

"They immediately went through the house. I saw that the TVs and everything was gone. They turned the bed upside down and went through the drawers. Took my jewelry and her jewelry," said Brown.

It wasn't just the two flat screen TVs, laptop, jewelry or $600 saved for Christmas that the thieves took.

"I had muzzle loaders, old shotguns and rifles that my grandfather and dad had," said Brown. "They were keepsakes. They said to keep them."

They stole 18 guns that were family heirlooms, given to Brown on his 18th birthday.

He said the firing pins were removed from a couple of the guns.

"If it comes back and something happens, it's going to come to me, because they were mine. Somebody could lose their life over something I had. It is heartbreaking," he said.

Brown said his stuff was worth more than $10,000.

The 51-year-old just moved into the home and had yet to set up insurance.

He said what's more troubling, no arrests have been made and that "makes you feel violated."

Brown has installed bars over his kitchen windows where the thieves got in.

He also ordered an alarm system to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.