Informed Sources: Pre-K Vote

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(Memphis) Memphis voters rejected the idea of the city getting back into the education business.

As a result, Memphis won't be increasing its sales tax a half penny to fund pre-k education.

How do my Informed Sources interpret the results?


  • Linda Blackmore

    The informed sources apparently aren’t that informed, or chose to leave out a lot of the facts. The SCS gets 11,000,000 from the lottery. Children who truly have needs already receive help. Head Start has been around for YEARS! And the City’s failing schools have been taken over by the state. So, it obviously isn’t the answer. There is NO PLAN. Who’d be getting this money? What would be the guidelines for getting the money? What would be the objective? The studies do NOT GIVE any credibility to preK education. As Susan pointed out, the government is already paying for daycare for kids–many of people who don’t even WORK. Have those daycares initiate and teach preK instead of just babysitting. Why is NOBODY GIVING THE FACTS???? And Otis, the more passionate people DID come out–the ones with sense enough to know it was just another scam.

    • Don Davidson

      Well Mr. Mayor, your money grabbing scam fell through, and you did state in one of your comments that if this did not pass, you would feel like you haven’t done your job as a mayor. That being the case Pack up and go, because Memphis is not going to put up with your’s or that one minded City Council’s money hungry scams any more. Start working on the budget cuts by cutting some of those expensive advisor jobs, that over staffed City Hall (Yea the one where you call e-mail or write to and NEVER get a response from), return all those high dollar leased autos,(my employer never paid for me a leased auto to drive), give something that wants to make people come back to Memphis, instead of running them off with sloppy ineffective budget proposals, and a one minded one sided attitude.

    • Thomas H. Evans

      Forgive Otis, for he has a great heart, but he also has a problem with following his own mind by allowing himself to be swayed bu Susan Thorpe. Don’t get me wrong, I like them both, but have seen Otis straddle the line many times in order to line up with Susan’s opinions. This whole idea had no chance of passing from day one, why, because no one trusted the authors (what a shame, no one trust our Mayor or City Council).

  • Woody Savage

    Most people would have supported the pre-K IF Memphis and Shelby county government was more ACCOUNTABLE … this is more than a matter of lack of trust. It is a MISPLACED set of priorities. We have extreme poverty and lack of family support with kids having kids. First Memphis/Shelby County need to require ALL students to attend school until they are 18 … no exceptions. That will help the graduation rate … city, municipal, private or home school or military type school or jail until you graduate. Enforce this … then the people can get behind pre-K paid for by County/State level (not the City of Memphis). Memphis has destroyed the mid-south fairgrounds, civic arena, mis-managed the Cook Convention Center, built a facility of the river for a restaurant with no operator or inadequate parking, sitting with an empty pyramid with little or no renovations underway at the moment, spending 30 Million on a bike path to downtown West Memphis AR (who in Memphis goes to downtown West Memphis AR in a car much less a bicycle). Memphis is predominantly black and poor in downtown area. Don’t see many folks on a bicycle (especially obese ones…another problem we seem to have). Now Memphis is going to regain Beale Street and attempt to “manage it”. They need to start something and finish it … prioritize what is most important and do it…don’t try to do a little of everything and accomplish little or nothing in the process. With a good track record … you will get the voters’ support even though we have the highest property taxes already in the state and highest sales taxes now in many parts of the county.
    P.S. You annexed Cordova areas and other parts of the county…what is the status of Southwind annexation that is supposed to occur by the end of 2013 … this is the most tax-rich area in the county???

  • Jason

    Nobody seems to have focused in on the fact that the studies are quite conclusive that PreK just DOES NOT WORK. There is no lasting gain. No return on investment.

  • Wtngent aol

    This pre K funding would have been just another entitlement program to help “the (5000) poor children.” The problem is that the poor are constantly pumping out children because of misguided government subsidizing, and the taxpayers are “guilted” into funding yet more programs to help them. I know it sounds mean spirited, but I am tired of this endless cycle where nothing is ever demanded of the poor – males and females – who create these problems by having children they can’t afford. Maybe the incentive to reduce the birth rate is to enact disincentives. I do not buy into the logic that everyone should be free to produce all the babies they desire, particularly when others must care for these children in perpetuity. Currently everything is geared toward encouraging reproductive irresponsibility. I would prefer spending money on curbing reckless population growth rather than encouraging it.

  • SoulBeat

    You know After reading this I see just how racist this town still is after 20 years. To start lets just say it, child birth for blacks are down way down. The average black person have two jobs in Memphis not just one. If you look at the TN data report its not blacks in TN that getting the most hand outs it is whites and other’s. Now yes I to feel there is to much good money going to bad in this town I am with you on that 100%. But Lets look at it, Memphis is dying do to racism. Big company’s poll Memphis to do business and the number one thing why they would not move a company to Memphis is racism. So every time you post things like this you stop company’s from coming here and giving your child a job. I have white and black friends, in the past it was only blacks that could not fine work. Now my young white friends are back at home or working 2 jobs just to make ends meet. Yes alot of folks downtown need to go YES. Its time to get off Fox TV and look at our own back yard as a family not color. The Tea Party folks don’t care about you its just to get them in office and after they have your vote and use you they think nothing of you just like black politicians do us. We the people have to look after each other we are all we got and it takes all of us. If Memphis fall every one fall Miss, Ark and TN. Wright now the south hold the cards to politics but racism is going to kill us we will be Detroit.

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