Memphis Mom Involved in Police Chase Tells Her Side of Story

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(Taos, NM) The Memphis mother arrested after a controversial police chase in New Mexico is speaking out about the ordeal.

Oriana Ferrell was arrested late last month after the chase.

She refused to stop for officers two times when they tried to pull her over.

During the incident, Ferrell’s 14-year-old son got out of the car and shoved an officer before his mother drove away again.

That prompted officers to fire shots at the car with Ferrell and her children inside. Another officer used his baton to break out the glass in a window.

Ferrell and her son were later arrested when the chase ended at a hotel.

Ferrell was arrested on a number of charges including child abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Her son is charged with battery.

On Thursday, The Taos News published a handwritten editorial written by Ferrell defending her actions.

Here are some excerpts:

“After witnessing uniformed police officers fire shots at a van carrying my five children, I have learned that the value of their lives only matters so much as criminal charges against me are concerned.  A uniformed officer can shoot three bullets at my van and be considered to be “doing his job”, but my doing what I can to get my own children away from such a terrifying individual has been termed “child abuse” and “endangerment,” according to New Mexico law.

Ask the superintendent of Memphis City Schools who I am. Or you can inquire about my person from the many Memphis City Police chaplains that I have worked alongside in various capacities. You can always speak with the families of the homeschool groups that I have run, as well as the many community service agencies I have worked and implemented programs with. Any number of these individuals will tell you that I am a most loving, caring and peaceful person who helps others daily, and that my own children are at the top of that list.

I hope that someone reads this editorial and comes to know more about the real me, and not the one misportrayed and demonized by the Taos media. I hope that someone takes the time to think about how this ordeal is affecting myself, and most importantly my children. They do not deserve this and neither do I.”

An internal inquiry into the chase and the officer’s actions is expected to be completed as early as next week.

The officers involved in the crash are still on the job.


    • hateliberalcommies

      @Katrina,,are you kidding? you don’t take off and run from the police and expect a good outcome,,jeez..

    • Joan

      You do realize many chase situations end bad, right? It is a far safer scenario for a trained marksman to attempt to shoot the tires out of an unlawful vehicle than it would be to allow an unlawful illogical person to drive into head on traffic endangering her children’s lives and the lives of othe innocent bystanders. Don’t say they didn’t know she would do this when statistics they are very familiar with refelct that it is highly likely.

  • grayhawk

    The P.O) should be fired 4 the handle of this situation, an this crazy
    mom is very lucky she not (black) or she an her family would have
    been found beaten an shot to death.

  • Linda Blackmore

    Grayhawk–she is black. She still didn’t say why she drove away at a high rate of speed and on the wrong side of the road, endangering other people AND HER OWN CHILDREN.

  • Joe

    she drove away after being told to stay……then she got mouthy at the next stop……

    they shouldnt have shot at her tires…..

    but her big loud mouth overloaded her big a$$…and she broke the law several times

    I hope she gets jail time

    • Joan

      I think it is safer for them to have shot at her tires, than for her to be allowed to drive herself and her childen into oncoming traffic endangering her family and other innocent motorists. Also, may I ask the chaplains about the drugs she was carrying in the vehicle?

  • Laura

    if she hadn’t been speeding putting her children in danger none of this would have happened..and instead of trying to bad mouth the police she should be trying to figure out why her kids weren’t in school instead of on a road trip and why she ran from a speeding ticket

  • Joe Williams

    Talk about a person refusing to take personal responsibility?!?! This moronic woman caused all of this all by her little self. Sorry lady, but you cant deflect the reality of what you did… She let her little Memphis attitude write a check she and her hoodlum son could not cash!!! Anyone trying to defend this mongrel is no better then her felon butt!!!

  • Joan

    Oh, good grief. She’s working on an album? Did she see this as an opportunity to gain publicity? Well, she’s getting it, but her rap skills are laughable so she won’t be keeping it past her 15 minutes of lookin like a complete idiot. And drunk driving? Inexcusable. THAT made me angrier. She has issues.

  • NoMoreForMe

    I just can’t believe what I’m reading here. Is she serious? How much is enough, people? This woman set things into motion that could have led to the death of of her son. She cares that little about her family? And for what, a freakin’ traffic infraction? It’s a crying shame when we live in a society where you are no longer responsible for your own actions. So, if I push a man in front of a train, it’s his fault because he should have not allowed me to do that to him. This is pure ignorance, thee is no other way to put it. This this moronic imbecile of a woman should never be leagally allowed to operate a motor vehicle again, ever.

  • Kimberly Fuller Dunaway

    The officers have already been cleared of any wrong doing. How about the mother takes responsibility for her stupid actions. Hey lady you weren’t in Memphis where you have a very relaxed judicial system that will just let you slide… the police here may have a no pursuit policy for non violent crimes…not there.
    Drug related items in the car with your kids and you are demonizing the police…and apparently teaching your son who is the size of a grown man that it is ok to step up on and put his hands on an officer! What!? He is lucky he didn’t get busted in the face with an asp or shot.
    Please name drop some more, cause the New Mexico police really care you know the school superintendent here. The officers were within all of their rights to do what they did…. and people need to know that the entire thing was 40 minutes long not the snip it of 2 that is shown here. When you have a whole story to what the officers heard and saw then you can base judgment on their actions. With the number of drug related crimes and stops they do of course they are more cautious and on high alert. How about next time you do like every good upstanding citizen does and that is stop for the officer, not act like its Memphis were you feel like you can do and say what you want…. and sign the stupid ticket. You want to fight it? Go to court…. not that hard.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Having “DRUGS” in the car with her kids was her motivation for running. I know there are people out there who want to support her, but she, not the police was the one who put her kids life in danger. I think her kids were being home schooled is the reason they were on a road trip when all other kids were in school, or at least should have been. As someone has already said, all she had to do was accept the ticket and then fight it in court if she didn’t agree with it.

  • dfsdfsdfsf

    I notice her statement says nothing about her breaking the law, felony evading & drug paraphernalia – I wonder why?

  • Stay out of the non-ghetto states

    What an typical welfare scumbag. Here is a news flash: just because your BLACK doesn’t mean you get to completely ignore every law and not be held accountable. Ya no wat I sain?

    BTW great decision: a $80 speeding ticket vs. criminal charges. Also please stop having kids and perpetuating your stupidity on future generations of humans.

    Here is a rap for you:

    White wimins be crazy
    because theyz don’t have a million babyz
    all from different papys
    ……now you go

  • Whatdehell?

    First of all, complaining evil White people, blacks are NEVER at fault. Get that, okay? It’s ALWAYS YT’s fault because of de slabery or because someone followed Shitavious around a store and “made” him uncomfortable. /sarcasm over

    For those who are defending the black behemoth, let me break it down for you. If an police officer tells you to stop running, STOP RUNNING. If a cop says pull over, put your hands up, get on the ground, etc., do it or you will be resisting arrest and it will get much worse for you. And it will be YOUR fault.

    If you are a White and get knocked out by a bunch of sociopathic black punks, have your home invaded by the Section 8 Society, get raped, beaten, mugged, or murdered while trying to live your life, please understand that the media will NEVER report your side of the story. But let a criminal worthless waste of tax payer money and its illegitimate pack get consequences for their actions, well, then we get this story.

  • Jay Punchman Sistrunk

    The actions of both were very stupid. on her part, she should have complied with giving her license and POI to the officer and answered his questions. That is routine any time you have a confrontation w/police. You may not like his attitude or his reason for confronting you however that is no excuse for failing to comply and resisting temporary detention by driving off. watch the video and listen when th audio first comes on. It had already gotten to the point the officer was demanding her license. As for the officers the one with the baton displayed anger when breaking out the side glass and the one that fired the shots trying to disable the vehicle both actions are not acceptable either. I would have retreated back to my car and gave chase at a reasonable speed and requested assisance and had the vehicle surrounded and then retreived everyone out of the vehicle. Also you have to look at what the officers seen at the time of the stop. a routine traffic stop with an uncooperating driver and a 14 year old punk kid trying to play bad by getting out of the car. If you will remember in West Memphis a few years back the same scenario played out only the kid was white and 15 and armmed with an AK47 and killed two officers on the side of the highway. This woman and her 14 year old son put themselves in danger by not cooperating and the officers handled it improperly

  • Yolanda Rounds

    First of all I think some officers are taking their jobs a little too serious. The lady was wrong for having drug anything in her car, especially with her kids. But two wrongs don’t make a right. We have to start considering human lives before we take action. The kids were innocent and to have the car shot at with them in it was not caused for. They could have followed her or took other measures. A bullet does not have a specific name on it. Any one could have gotten shot or killed. Everybody need to stand up and take blame where it lies. The mother was wrong for the drugs, but the officers were wrong for taking such violent approach in dealing with this situation.

    • Nancy

      The mother should have considered her children’s lives before taking action. She is the one who put her children in jeopardy and she needs to take responsibility for that.

    • Nonya Bidness

      By shooting at the tires of the car the police were trying to keep an out of control driver off the street thereby protecting all the other drivers in that area.

      I hate it when you people force me take the side of LEO because you can’t see the truth! Who are you going to believe, the ghetto broodmare or your lying eyes?

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