Store Owner Fed Up With Beer Stealing Students

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(Memphis) A beer bash in the parking lot of Saver Stop on Pendleton was caught on camera.

People are seen stealing and then spraying cans of beer.

Ali Alruvayr owns the store and says he's tried everything to stop it.

He claims the students are from Melrose High School right across the street.

In the video you can see them walking up grabbing cans of beer then just darting off.

“Ain't nobody want to do nothing about it they don't even want to speak about it”, said Alruvayr.

He's begged parents, police, and school leaders to help but says other than take a report, no one's stopped it.

A school crossing guard understood the frustration but says there's little anyone can do, “It’s a change of time these kids want to be grown ups they want to do things and get away with it and they are getting away with a lot of it.”

Christian Ross with Shelby County Schools said they know about the problem but it was off campus, and not their jurisdiction.

We asked why the district can't put a faculty member or security guard in front of the school.

The school system promised to work with police.

MPD did send officers by to check things out quite a bit after we called them.

This business owner says he hopes it works.

He's paying for all the stolen beer, but says it shouldn't be so hard to get someone to stop all this.


  • blakspartan

    as a black male this angers me to see this, kids literally stealing in broad day light, and not one black leader has stood up and said we have to put a stop to this and punish these children,I don’t even want to know who are raising these children, it may take one of them to get shot to learn their lesson

  • Thomas H. Evans

    The problem is that it isn’t white kids, it’s black kids, and it is as if our police department, alone with our school system is blind, not only to what’s happening here in this community,but to communities all over this city. When will our city leaders take a stand against these teens acting like animals; after all, who is in charge here? We need to seriously consider changing some of the laws pertaining to our teens/juveniles. The old laws on our books is whats making it easy for these teens to get away with all the destruction they cause on a daily basis. What we need is more action and less talk from our leaders.

    • Sue

      I wondered how long it would take before City Leaders and Police were blamed for kids behaving badly. The Police and City Leaders are not here to raise the children of others. I would have recommended parenting classes, but these kids are too old to try to discipline now! The mothers are probably scared of their own children. MPD does not have time to stand around after school lets out every day and redirect kids. Juvenile court would not allow those kids to be brought into their facility even if they were caught by MPD. Juvenile Court policies need to change and PARENTS need to step up!!! MPD has plenty of other problems to deal with within the city!

      • Regina Anderson Garrett

        Sue, no one is doing their job here. Parents should be held responsible for what their kids do, the school could possibly help identify identify some of these kids and since vandalism and stealing is a crime, then the police should be doing their job; how would you feel if it was your house, who would you call and why?

      • Sue

        @ Regina..I don’t remember saying anything about police not responding. I am saying it is the parents job to raise their children correctly! And don’t blame the police for not standing outside the store! When the police catch them (and I am sure they will) the JUVENILE COURT system will do nothing to them! That was the point I was trying to make! Juvenile court is a complete joke and these kids know it! I know kids that are on “house arrest” and are still out burglarizing homes, but when they are caught again, all they get is an extended house arrest! (and we are lucky if they even get that strong of a punishment!!) The system is a failure!

  • Karen Ellis

    I am horrified by the above comments. These kids are underage, and there are videos of them stealing and spraying beer. So, what’s the logical conclusion? IDENTIFY THEM and take them to Juvenile Court! Is that so hard? Leave race out of it. What if they were Native Americans? Sheesh.

  • Tristan Thomas

    His only complaint is that the Negros are stealing beer?. What about the 30-40 of them in the parking lot scaring away customers?. This guy needs to wake up, there’s a reason normal people don’t open up stores in black areas;that’s like buying a house in Detroit for $3,000.00, then complaining when the Negros break into it every day.

  • Robert Wayne

    You’re absolutely right. But we can forget about the media or the stinking govt., especially with Ocrappo in charge, admitting it.

  • Deja Brew

    I’m laughing at the fact the nobody wanted to stop these kids. They didn’t stop them because they’re cowards. It looks like Melrose High School students are in control of everything. How pathetic.

  • Parker

    These store owners should pack up and leave ….but I guess the money is keeping them there. In other neighbourhoods there are no rundown stores so just go away.

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