Collierville And SCS Settle School Dispute

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(WREG-TV) Collierville and SCS have settled their school dispute.

Collierville will get the deeds for the schools within its city limits in return for paying SCS $6 million over 12 years for pensions and other teacher-related costs.

Millington will have a meeting Friday about a possible deal.

Shelby County commissioners will vote on the Lakeland and Arlington deals Friday.

The future of Germantown schools remains uncertain. At 4 on WREG, reporter Adam Hammond explains why Germantown may have to go back to the drawing board.


  • Audrey Grossman

    the comment about Gtown having its own schools being “re-segregation” and posing legal problems is completely unfounded. ANY school system based upon existing municipal boundaries is legal – regardless of the racial makeup of the population. period. well settled supreme court law. stop throwing that red herring out there! besides, the settlement would include DROPPING that frivolous lawsuit.

  • Robert Hassell

    They are getting the schools. That is fine and dandy . So the city property owners should not have to pay a county property tax now. Why should a separate municipality ask for money from city tax payers when they are not part of their government ? White Flight/ White Slavery!

    • Audrey Grossman

      Robert, so why did all of us living in suburban cities pay county taxes for MCS all those years? More of my tax money paid for mcs than for the scs own kids attend

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