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Family Concerned Over Lawmaker’s Alleged Threats

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(DeSoto County, MS) Whispers about DeSoto County Representative Pat Nelson's marriage started weeks ago.

Those whispers became shouts Tuesday night when his eldest daughter went public with a Facebook post, mentioning Nelson's divorce, his two-year affair with a state senator, blackmail, and threats of violence.

Leigh Anne Rutheford represents Nelson's wife, Katherine.

"I cannot comment at this time, Not at all," she said.

Katherine and Pat Nelson are just days away from their 40th wedding anniversary, but now the two are locked in an intense divorce case.

Sources told WREG-TV Katherine came home from a business trip a couple of months ago to an empty house and cleaned out bank accounts.

Her husband then announced he wanted a divorce and is seeing Brookhaven Senator Sally Doty.

At a school chess tournament Wednesday, Katherine told me, "This has been very painful for me. I'm counting on my faith to get me through this terrible ordeal."

Pat Nelson didn't answer his phone Wednesday.

We made repeated attempts to reach Senator Doty, at her office, cellphone and through her assistant.

All we ever got was voicemail saying, "Hello, this is Senator Sally Doty, I'm sorry I missed your call."

Two sources, one in the Legislature, reveal affairs among lawmakers are not in the least unusual. In fact, one even characterized the legislature as the "biggest swingers club in the State of Mississippi."

Meantime, Chancellor Percy Lynchard unsealed Nelson's divorce file late Wednesday.

The petition is run-of-the-mill, citing "irreconcilable differences, adultery and habitual and cruel treatment."

Discovery in the case, with all the details, remains off-limits.

"We're trying to work toward a mutually beneficial resolution for the family. That's all," said Rutheford.


  • Jo Hubbard

    They and anyone like them are a slap on the face to Republicans and Conservative people. They should, both, be kicked out of the Senate and not be allowed to run again.

  • Hard Truths

    Republican US congressman from Florida pled guilty to possession of COCAINE.

    He tried to buy in a sting on DuPont Circle in DC.

    Pled guilty, got a small fine, I believe.

    Says he has an ALCOHOL problem — not cocaine — and hopes that Jesus will save him.


  • Hard Truths

    Read about your Tea Party Republican coker.

    3.5 grams — an 8-ball — not quite just a consumer, retail purchase.

    He was at least distributing some cocaine.

    A Republican congressman, Tea Party flags/guns/Bibles guy.

    At least he got a year’s probation. He was distributing.

  • Lioness

    Anytime you want to find a crook the Republican Party is happy to serve your needs, from drug dealers to serial killers like Washington State Republican Party Assistant Director Ted Bundy.

    • Hard Truths

      They just can’t help themselves.

      If you lived in a strait-jacket, you’d want to escape too, and you might do some foolish things in the process.

      It is a consequence of their upbringing and their worldview.

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