An Anti-Bullying Campaign That Bullies, Tobacco Banning Until 21, And Controversial Holiday Ads?

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Here today are Danni Bruns from 98.1 The Max, Steve Conley from Classic Hits 94.1 and our own Kris Anderson.

An anti-bullying campaign is causing controversy at a Colorado school.

4th through 6th graders are taking turns being ignored.

If a student has a sticker on their collar, that's the signal for everyone else to shun them.

It's so everyone can feel what it's like, to be bullied.

Nearly every student will have the experience.

But, would you want your kid to?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Tuesday signed into law a ban on tobacco sales to anyone under age 21.

The Big Apple is the first large city or state in the country to do so.

Bloomberg says it will prevent young people from experimenting with tobacco at an age when they're most likely to become addicted.

But, is this too extreme?

A new Kmart ad is raising some eyebrows.

The holiday commercial shows six guys playing the bells, before it's revealed that they're in their boxers.

They then do the rest of the song by shaking their hips.

Funny or offensive?