More Kingsbury High Parents Pick Up Kids After Hearing Kidnapper Is On The Loose

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(Memphis) The pick-up line at Kingsbury High stretched around the block Tuesday.

Parents wanted to get their children home safely after hearing a kidnapper is on the loose.

"I'm not surprised there is a lot of traffic in and out," said parent Kristen Berry.

Berry said she is scared the kidnapper could be anywhere.

"There's so much stuff going on. We've got to be extra cautious about these things," said Berry.

A 14-year-old told WREG she was near Kingsbury High when a man forced her into his car Monday. She smashed a bottle on his head to get away.

"He was going to rape me or kill me or something. He said, 'I'm going to have fun with you first. Then I'm going to see where I can throw you,'" said the girl.

Police have not caught the man who did this and are not saying if they are anywhere close to finding him.

Kingsbury High is in the middle of a neighborhood, so many students walk to and from school.

"With all the kids walking back and forth, it's going to happen. Hate to see it," said one neighbor.

Shelby County Schools released a statement: "Because this occurred in the community, and the suspect has not been apprehended, parents of surrounding schools have been notified. Staff will continue to remain alert."

Berry will pick her son up until the kidnapper is caught and knows other parents will do the same.

"Because you never know who's who and what's what," said Berry.

Memphis Police said they are increasing patrols in the area.

They say the kidnapper was driving a black Ford Mustang.


  • Ryan

    There is also a pre-school at the corner of Graham and Macon. They were not informed of what was happening while the school was placed on lock down and Gateway was informed and they moved their students to a different building. This is unexceptable. The director or teachers of the pre-school were not aware of the situation and had their children outside and when they finally were aware which was late in the afternoon they quickly took there children inside the building.

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