Memphis Pre-K Vote Today

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(WREG-TV) Today, Memphis voters will decide whether they want to pay an extra half cent in sales tax.

We will have coverage on as well as News Channel 3.

Polls close at 7 p.m.

If passed, Memphis would have a tax rate of 9.75%, the highest in the state.

The goal of the half cent tax is to raise at least 47 million dollars for Pre-k education in Memphis.

Many however question the tax and wonder if the money will truly benefit kids and Memphis City Council oversight of the money.

Monday, we held a debate with two people for and two against the tax.

For the tax:

Pastor Keith Norman is the President of the NAACP in Memphis and one of Mayor A C Wharton’s nominees to the Pre-k commission.

City Councilman  Jim Strickland proposed the ballot referendum for the Pre-k tax.

Against the tax:

Former school board member Reverend Kenneth Whalum, Jr and
he served on both the Memphis city and unified school boards and city council woman and former MCS school board member Wanda Halbert.


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