MPD Investigating Officer Who Made Questionable Oak Court Arrest

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(Memphis) Cellphone video of the arrest of a man at Oak Court Mall is causing plenty of controversy.

It shows Officer Bob Parker pepper spraying Stedmon Fentress then hitting him with a baton, two times, once when he was already on the ground.

Nobody knows for sure what happened before a witness started recording, and police aren't talking

But a police affidavit says Officer Parker was off duty and working security at Oak Court Mall.

He tried to break up a fight and Fentress started mouthing off.

Fentress's sister says that's no excuse.

"I believe his badge needs to be stripped and he should no longer be an employee of Oak Court Mall," said Shannah Fentress.

Memphis Police are investigating, and the police union calls Oak Court Mall.

"That mall is known to be a problem area right now, so I’m quite sure they are trying to restore the serenity," said Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams.

Williams watched the video and wants to know how this started before saying it could be excessive force.

For the time being, he says it seems Officer Parker followed proper protocol.

"Based upon what I saw I would definitely like to believe that particular officer was doing what he thought was necessary to affect the arrest," said Williams.

Williams says police are trained to deescalate volatile situations like this, and the way an officer reacts depends on the circumstance.


  • Hard Truths

    The Memphis Police Association is a whole lot like the NRA. Their vitriolic rhetoric and agitating is turning stressed-out cops of dubious professional quality into walking time bombs in our community.

    You can be a cop in Memphis with an IQ of 84.5, This is not ideal, but at least they should be taught to respect the public, and the taxpayers in particular.

    • Avery Keegan

      Do you really think that this thug in the video represents your typical taxpaying citizen? I find that hilarious! So then I guess the officer should have ignored the thug’s illegal and disruptive behavior. Then you would have a video to say “look at this lazy officer doing nothing…no wonder our crime rate is so high”. At which point do you stop being a dick and start supporting the police?

      • Hard Truths

        How about a force of actual professional police who OBEY THE LAW?

        Instead of these dull-witted, thuggish Ton Ton Macoutes.

        An 84.5 IQ — Mickey D material — and the right family or political connections — and you’re hired by MPD.

        You support THEM? You DESERVE what you’ll get.

        You are unworthy of living in a free, civilized society. Unless people like you are suppressed this society is doomed.

    • Hard Truths

      You don’t support the Constitution.

      People like you should be shipped in cattle cars to North Korea or Iran.

  • Milton Somerville

    First of all, Avery Keegan, it was never told what this young-BLACK-man really did before this arrest, but I do believe he should have been obedient to this officer’s approach: and why is the young-man labeled a thug – by you? Is it his dress code, or is it his look? You must have an answer because you labeled him. A thug is a member of a former group in India that murdered and robbed in the service of Kali, and is now used to stereotype young-Black-men. Did he murder someone: did he rob someone?

    • Nonya Bidness

      Yes, yes, yes and finally …… yes. Just another example of one group of thugs warring over territory with another.

    • Hard Truths

      And who is gonna tell the police they aren’t above the law?

      That they are NOT a street gang with impunity?

      That we don’t want Ton Ton Macoutes in Memphis?

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