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Memphis Mayor Proclaims Monday “Justin Timberlake Day”

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(Memphis) If you haven't heard by now, Monday is the Justin Timberlake concert.

Mid-South fans are going crazy with excitement, and so is Memphis Mayor A C Wharton, who announced Monday as "Justin Timberlake Day."

The Memphis Visitor’s Bureau handed out bow ties to the fans who gathered outside the Westin Hotel, but they did not get to see the star himself.

“This proclaims it to be ‘Justin Timberlake Day’ in Memphis, Tennessee,” said the mayor as he showed the framed proclamation to Timberlake’s mom, Lynn Harless.

Justin Timberlake's mom was the next best thing when the man himself didn’t show up.

“I don’t want to disappoint anyone. Justin was never scheduled to be here,” said Kevin Kane, with the Memphis Visitor’s Bureau. “Obviously it's the day of his concert and we didn't even invite him.”

A family of four drove from Virginia, ten hours, for Monday’s concert and when they heard he might be at the proclamation ceremony, they had to make it.

"Because she has been a fan of his for years. She wants to enjoy the show," said Amber Hall about her sister Amanda.

“I think it's super classy,” said Karre Veglio about the bow tie she was given to wear.

She skipped work to be at the ceremony.

“As long as I got my suit and tie, I am going to leave it on the floor tonight,” she sang.

The music sensation finally got his own day in Memphis. The mayor says it’s about time.

“Saturday Night Live, his charitable work. He has represented us on stages around the globe,” said Wharton.

However, the Millington native this week told reporters in Nashville that he plans to move there as soon as he can.

“We have had our fingers crossed for him to come back to Tennessee for a long time,” said his mom, Harless.

Timberlake's mom says it's no disrespect to Memphis, he just does a lot work in the other musical city.

“We have to find him and talk to him about that,” said Veglio. “We will get him on the right track.”

For now, fans will find him for one night only on stage in his hometown.

“Anyone who hasn't seen the show, you are in for a super big treat tonight,” said Harless.  “It’s really awesome.”

The concert kicks-off at the Fex-Ex Forum at 8 p.m. If you can find any tickets left, they are going for about $250 to $500.


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