Firefighters Union Releases Video Arguing Its Position In Pension Debate

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(Memphis) On Monday, the Memphis Firefighters Union threw another log on the heated debate concerning pension reform.

Both fire and police unions are at odds with the city over proposed changes to the retirement plan.

Financial experts have said the city cannot sustain the generous pension plan currently in place, so the union paid for its own study — one with a more favorable conclusion — and released a video on YouTube arguing its position.

“All this city is trying to do is generate more revenue by paying nothing to give it to big business. You’re not getting any break as a tax payer.”

The union says it plans to make more videos over the next several months.


  • AnnKelley

    We should be proud of our firemen and policemen. They risk their lives for us everyday. When they retire they should be given their full pension that was promised to them when they hired on. That’s the least they deserve.

  • joe

    This is gibberish……for gods sake get someone who can speak coherently to explain your position.

    You pay 8%—in exchange for that–you get retirement benefits close to your current salary….payable after 25 years……for life.

    NO ONE in the private sector gets that in company pension (if they have one) plus their SS benefits….and it doesnt happen til 12-15 years later in life.

    THATS the real story

    MFFA….stop whining.

    • Jim Voelker

      Firefighters pay 8% and receive 62% of salary after 25 years without collecting any SS. The city does not pay into SS nor do the employees. The city actually pays less into the pension system than they would if they paid into SS.

  • Frank

    Joe likes to compare their retirements to the private sector and complain, but I bet he is against paying them equal pay to the private sector which is substntially higher than public sector employees.

  • Joe

    After 25yrs, Firefighters receive a 56-62% pension, or about $30k/yr.

    Firefighters do not receive social security.

    What private sector job compares to putting one’s life up as collateral when they leave for work?

    Maybe the world is going to 65yo cops and firefighters. That wouldn’t be my first choice to try and pull me out of a fire or chase down the bad guys.

  • Carol

    Check out Tn. Attorney General Opinion 05-058
    Also The Pennsylvania Rule and The Blackwell case.
    Like our page at The Chattanooga Fire & Police Pension Enlightener….We stand with you in solidarity!

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