DeSoto Ready To Step In On Blight Problem

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(Woodland Lake, MS) The house on Woodland Lake Road sits rotting from the inside out.

Neighbors like Shirley Harris have complained about it for years.

”Someone has come in and pulled out all the copper wiring and un-boarded everything so it’s a hazard to our community and we’re really trying to get it cleaned up”, said Harris.

She says it’s a danger to local kids who might wander onto the property.

But she says both the Homeowner’s association and DeSoto County have been unable to do much about the problem, because the owner stopped responding to phone calls to fix the problem.

But that’s about to change. DeSoto County leaders say they’re ready to take action, but tabled a vote Monday after learning of a new development.

The house may not be a problem much longer.

The homeowner’s association says an un-named buyer stands a good chance of closing on this property within the next couple of weeks.

Neighbors say the new owner aims to clear the land of blight.

”He already has had plans drawn up and everything to build so he’s ready," explained Harris.

Meantime, Supervisors say they stand ready to step in and take action if the sale doesn’t happen.

”If it doesn’t, then we’re ready to go forward and do something about clearing the blight," said Supervisor Lee Caldwell.

And that’s just what neighbors want to hear.

”It will help our community a lot. It’ll improve the atmosphere I guess you would say,” explained Harris.

Because she says she just wants a safe, nice neighborhood.