Man Sprays Gas On Himself and Deputies, Threatens To Blow Everyone Up

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(Arlington, TN) An Arlington man is locked up after he tried setting several Shelby County deputies and himself on fire.

Investigators said Ruben Chavez sprayed gas and flicked a lighter a couple of times screaming "Get back before I blow everybody up!"

It took a few minutes before deputies could tackle and handcuff him.

Four deputies were injured.

Deputies said they were trying to get a blood sample for a sobriety test when Chavez broke away.

It happened at Shell station on Highway 64.

The security cameras were rolling.

The drama didn't stop at the gas station.

Investigators said Chavez tried choking himself with the seat belt on his way to jail.

Walter Jefferson knows Chavez.

He saw him earlier that night drunk and vandalizing a business across from his house just down the road.

"He just started doing donuts in the gravel," said Jefferson. "I guess the rocks broke the windows in."

Jefferson couldn't believe how things escalated.

He thinks Chavez's behavior has to do with his recent job loss and health problems.

"He said he needed a liver, and he was showing me his scar where they put the last liver. He said it wasn't functioning," said Jefferson.

Chavez is facing aggravated assault, felony vandalism, a DUI and various traffic violations.

He is expected in court Monday morning.


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