Informed Sources: Pre-K Tax – The Politics

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(Memphis) The sales tax debate is raising interesting political questions.

Once again, the mayor and the head of the police union are on opposite sides, which is no surprise.

But former school board member Martavius Jones changing his position - from support to opposition of the tax - did surprise many.


  • Thomas H. Evans

    I love your show, and I love both Susan Thorpe and Otis Sanford, but I don’t think Susan could “honestly” answer the question put to her by everyone on the show last evening. I think we would all like to make sure all of the kids in Memphis get the education they need in order to make them successful in life, but I don’t believe there is actual and factual proof to show that if a child doesn’t attend Pre-K they are more than likely to end up in a prison as depicted in the ads running. I have the same problem as most Memphis citizens, I don’t trust our administration to do what they say regardless of this committee appointed by the mayor to over see it. The city chose to get out of education, so lets stay out of it.

  • genec

    i am wondering if this is a way of makeing up on the loss of sales tax dollars this city threw in the wind when they closed the auto inspection stations.and if you dont understand this,think about this,when a car fails inspection they have to get the car fixed,to do so they either have to purchase parts and do the work their self or purchase parts and labor that creates sales tax not only have they put the hurt on the parts stores but they have badly hurt the automotive repair shops,not to mention the junk cars that are running the streets of memphis and will be getting worse.and also why grocery shop in memphis and pay 9.75 percent when you can drive a short distance across the line to southaven or olivebranch where the rate is only 7.0 percent

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