Hundreds Turn Out For Free Flu Vaccinations

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(Shelby County, TN) The Shelby County Health Department provided free flu to nearly 600 people Saturday.

“People tend to take the flu a little bit too lightly, but it can be serious and have very serious impacts on our young, our medically compromised and on our elderly,” said Shelby County Health Department Director, Yvonne Madlock.

The vaccinations will help ward off the awful virus that causes fever, aches and chills.

10-year-old Logan Rushing came with his family. The fifth grader has never had the flu and he wants to keep it that way. He says plenty of his classmates have.

“It was really painful, they got really sick,” said Rushing.

Saturday at the Christ Church in Bartlett was not just about keeping the flu away this year. For the Shelby County Health Department, it’s about staying prepared for emergencies, like a terrorist attack,  vaccination shortage or the spread of an epidemic.

“In the event that we have to vaccinate the community, that’s over a million people, in a very short amount of time,” said Shelby County Health Department Health Officer, Helen Morrow.

The free flu clinic is practice for county health workers. After this weekend they`ll go back and see what they need to improve when it comes to keeping Mid-Southerners safe and healthy.

“We want to make sure we become experts in working through all the planning, the logistics, the implementation, all the minute details,” said Madlock.

A spirited Bill Egbert kicked off his 92nd birthday at the clinic.

“I’m so old, they say old people are supposed to get it so we don’t spread it,” said Egbert.

He`s happy county health workers  are taking steps to deal with medical emergencies …so he can just focus on being 92 years young.

“I`m enough trouble as it is, that would be even more trouble,” said Egbert.


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