Raided Day Cares Get Government Funds, Connected By Same Name

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(Memphis)  The On Your Side Investigators learned more about Thursday's raid on several MidSouth businesses, including day cares.

Sources tell WREG it could be connected to an abuse of funds and/or federal programs.

According to documents from the Tennessee Department of Human Services, all of the Kare facilities, along with Chism Child Care Enrichment Complex and Chism Family Learning Center are participants in the Certificate Program.

Those day cares are reimbursed for providing child care to low income and at risk families.

Some of the funding for the program comes from TANF, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

The Department of Agriculture is also involved in the investigation and it administers the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Many local day cares participate in this federal, food program.

DHS also deals with funds on EBT cards and works with the Dept. of Agriculture in handling SNAP benefits.

A spokesperson from DHS would not provide any further details when WREG asked about the raids and the violation history for each of the facilities.

Meanwhile, WREG has also learned that many of the businesses raided are connected by the same last name, Chism.

Local property records show Remark Chism as the owner at 1852 Winchester, which is the location of Kare Enrichment Center.  Child Care Licensing records list the contact as Lakeba Mcintyre.

Records list Ray Chism, Jr. as the property owner of 361 Holmes Road, the site of Chism Family Learning Center.  The child care contact online at DHS is Sylvia Loyd-Chism.

Local court records also reveal suits against Chism, DBA Kare Enrichment.

Filings with the Tennessee Secretary of State's office also show Chism, Jr., as the registered agent of Chism Trail, Inc, the company linked to Save More at 4082 South Third, one of the other businesses raided Thursday.

The company's status was listed as inactive.