DOT Foods Breaks Ground For New Re-Distribution Center In Dyer Co., Tennessee

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(Dyer County, TN) Much needed jobs are coming to Dyer County, Tenn.

DOT Foods  is investing $24 million to build a new facility in Dyersburg

and Thursday ground was broken for construction of a new re-distribution center.

One-hundred-fifty-seven jobs are coming in the process and that's sure to help turn around the county's high unemployment rate.

Nothing makes community leaders smile like the prospect of new jobs.

That's what Thursday's groundbreaking meant for people in Dyer County and Northwest Tennessee.

"We welcome you to today to our community. And look forward to a long, successful relationship. thank you," said Dyersburg Mayor John Holden.

DOT Foods, the nations largest food re-distributor,  is building a 166,000 square foot facility in the Dyersburg Industrial Park.

The facility will create 157 new jobs within its first three years.

In fact some truck drivers have already been hired.

Tim Loyd, general manager of new DOT Foods facility in Dyersburg, said in a matter days an army of construction workers will get started on the project.

"We hope to have construction equipment actually on-sight the Monday after Thanksgiving. And believe it or not everything will be buttoned up and ready to roll for us to ship our first cases sometime in September or October of 2014," said Loyd.

DOT Foods, a 53-year-old family-run business, spent three years considering Dyersburg as the home for its ninth re-distribution center.

It's the best job news this area has received since Goodyear closed its Union City, Tennessee plant in 2011.

Dyer County Mayor Richard Hill said Northwest Tennessee has yet to fully recover from the loss of the major employer.

"It did hurt us. It hurt Obion County and all the counties around us. And some people over in Missouri too that worked at that plant," said Mayor Hill.

Barry Jacobs lives right across the highway from the Dyersburg Industrial Park.

He's glad to know to know a successful, well-known company will be putting down roots there.

"It's really exciting that somebody else is coming in here. I'm happy for that," said Jacobs.

if you're interested in applying for a position at the new DOT Foods facility, you can go on-line at