There’s An App For That (Or Soon Will Be) In Horn Lake

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(Horn Lake, MS) Kelsie McBride regularly has to get in her car and drive to Horn Lake City Hall to pay bills.

She says in today’s world of the internet, tablets and smart phones, she shouldn’t have to.

"I gotta get up, gotta come up here and take care of business. It’d be nice to be able to do it from a smartphone.”

If Horn Lake leaders get their way, she might be among the first in North Mississippi to get that opportunity.

”There is an app for that! What we’re doing is, we’re proposing an ‘I-city’ app which is an application for mobile phones for our city which would allow constituents to keep in touch with City Hall,” explained Horn Lake IT Director John Whyte.

He says people could stay in touch with Aldermen, and learn what Horn Lake has coming up.

The proposed Horn Lake app would also put them in touch with Horn Lake businesses and tourism opportunities.

In turn, Horn Lake could send out alerts and warnings.

One of the biggest benefits could link the city’s police and court departments so people can pay tickets and fines online, rather than stand in long lines as they currently do, on court days.

Whyte says opening the lines of communication more between Horn Lake and the people who live here with a free smart phone app would help make the city a better place to live.

”We want to get people more involved with local government. Today, people don’t want to get out and get involved. Well, they don’t have to get out and get involved. But what if I gave you an app where you COULD get involved?” said Whyte

He says once he gets board approval, he could have an app up and running in a little more than 30 days.