Memphis Man Accused Of Trying To Run Over Pedestrian

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(Memphis) One Memphis man says he was minding his own business when someone accused him of having an attitude, and tried to repeatedly run him over.

Carlos Saens-Lopez is in jail accused of aggravated assault after the wild ride.

The victim, Julius Greer, claims he was walking into a Mexican restaurant to get some food when Carlos Lopez asked him out of his truck window if he was giving him any lip.

Greer claims he didn’t say anything and just went about his business when Lopez jumped out of the truck and kicked him in the stomach.

Apparently that wasn’t enough.

Greer says Lopez got back in the truck and tried to run over him two times in this parking lot.

Miguel Lopez works at the Mexican restaurant and saw the whole thing.

He says it may have started over a dog, which led to a lot of arguing.

“He was parked over there, and he drove the truck over there and I thought he just drove back again, but there was a lady waiting on the church bus who says he tried to run him over and kick him,” said Miguel Lopez.

The whole time Lopez was allegedly on this wild ride in the parking lot people were standing there waiting on a church bus and trying to go into the restaurant and could have been hit by the truck.

Miguel Lopez claims the driver didn’t leave after the confrontation.

“He just came back and sat in the truck with the puppy after he picked it up, and they called the cops,” said Miguel Lopez.

Lopez’s next ride was in the back of a cop car as they drove him on a less eventful ride to the Criminal Justice Center.

Lopez is being held on $20,000 bond and is expected to explain this bumpy story to a judge Tuesday morning.