Baby-Faced Robber Accused Of Stealing From People Offering Him Work

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(Memphis) A 20-year-old Mississippi man is in a Memphis jail, accused of robbing people offering him help.

Police say Trey Darnell robbed at least two people looking to hire him.

The victims say his crimes came as a shock.

The robber has a baby face, but is now facing some very adult charges.

With his bright blue eyes and a big smile, he may be the last person you'd suspect to be a robber but police say Darnell used his baby face to victimize unsuspecting people.

“I was counting the money and he snatched the money out of my hand,” said Jeremy Davis.

Midtown Businessman Jeremy Davis fixes up cars and sells them.

He says he put an ad online looking for some help, someone to detail his cars, and Darnell responded to the ad, then came to his house to do the work.

Davis says he made the mistake of paying him upfront.

“He literally snatched the money from my hand and scratched my hand.”

Darnell took off in a car, but three days later, police say he struck again when he applied for a job at Club Spectrum.

When the man interviewing him left for a few seconds, police say Darnell stole his $2,500 laptop.

“It’s got pictures on there that I can't replace of my mom,” said Jeremy Brigley.

But it didn't take long, police say, for Darnell to make a really dumb mistake.

He called back the first victim, who he robbed days before, inquiring about the job again.

“I guess he was going to come back and rob me again and he had forgotten that he had already robbed me once,” said Davis.

Davis and police set up a sting operation and when Darnell showed back up at the Midtown house, police swooped in Saturday and arrested him.

Davis got to confront him.

“I said ‘See. That`s what happens when you rob good people'.”

Davis says he hopes the 20-year-old with such an innocent face will be soon be found guilty of two counts of robbery.

“I am going to go to court and make sure he gets put away."

Darnell is locked up on a $70,000 bond.

Family members say he had just been released from a Mississippi jail where he was also accused of robbing people.


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