Missing Father, Child Located in North Mississippi

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(Walls, MS) A north Mississippi man is behind bars after a short search for him and his child.

Walls police officers were called to Laurel Park Apartments in Walls, MS around 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning for a suspected barricade situation involving Cassidy Thomas and a little girl.

Thomas and his daughter were not located in the apartment complex. Law enforcement believed he had gone on the run with the child.

Thomas later turned himself into Walls police. He was charged with Domestic Violence, Simple Assault and Disturbance of Family.

He is now being held in the DeSoto County Jail on $2,000 bond.


  • Minnie Webster

    Dear LORD… I’m so happy to know that the baby wasn’t harmed! What was the father’s reason for taking the baby as a hostage in the first place? People do crazy thing’s when they can’t have the person they want to be with. You CAN’T force someone to be with you if you’re being abusive or acting and doing thing’s. Just learn to let it go because you’re obviously NOT meant to be!

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