Student Arrested For Threatening To Kill Everyone At School

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(Memphis) A Memphis college student is in jail after police say he threatened to shoot up his school.

Derek Harding is accused of telling classmates and faculty he was going to come back with a gun and kill everybody.

It happened at the ITT Technical Institute in Cordova.

Apparently, Harding was in an argument with another student and when faculty tried to escort him out of the building he made the threats.

With school shootings plaguing campuses around the U.S., Memphis police weren't going to let Harding's comments fly. They stopped his threats from becoming deadly.

“You have to take necessary actions to make sure something like that doesn't happen,” said student Tarshish Anderson.

Anderson doesn't know the classmate accused but isn't surprised nowadays to hear someone threatened violence on campus.

Police say 29-year-old Harding got into an argument with another student and said he would "come back and shoot up the school, and then when he ran out of bullets he would stab everyone else with a switchblade knife, and that he would kill anyone that attempted to negotiate with him."

“Here? Are you serious?” said criminal justice graduate Patricia Avery.

It's a very detailed and thought-out threat that school officials and police nipped in the bud.

Harding was arrested Tuesday for threatening the school.

“Nowadays people don`t know how to solve conflicts without violence,” said Anderson.

The ITT Technical Institute offers a criminal justice degree with police captains and sheriff deputies teaching in classrooms.

Avery says he doesn't think Harding's alleged plans were a good idea.

“I don`t think anyone would want to mess with anyone up here,” said Avery.

According to the police report, school staff told police that Harding had become increasingly violent at the school.

He had even been in physical fights with other students but those incidents weren't reported.

He's now in jail on a $2,500 bond.


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