Police: Older Son Of Slain Principal Admitted To Double Murder

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(Oxford, MS) Regis Mister, the 25-year-old son of Dr. Carol Levett Gary, was arrested for Friday's double murder in Oxford, Miss.

Gary and her 12-year-old son, Patrick Earl Gary, Jr., were found dead from gunshot wounds in their home in the South Oaks subdivision in the 200 block of County Road 301.

Mister, a former officer in Yalobousha County who was living with them, called police this morning.

"We know Regis as a productive citizen," Chief Joey East said. "We've not had any encounter with him of violence or crime."

He was at the home when police arrived and admitted to the crime. Other family members were also present when authorities arrived.

Mister is charged with two counts of murder.

East said there is "no motive at this time...nothing that would explain this tragedy."

Gary was the principal at Davidson Elementary School in Water Valley, Miss.

Dozens of people who knew the victims came to offer their condolences.

The outpouring of support was no surprise to people who worked with Gary.

“I was not surprised to see as many people as I saw. Because I know she touched many lives,” said Calendra Morgan.

Morgan said Gary was more than an administrator, “I mean she meant business but you could talk to her about personal issues as well. And I am going to miss her.”

News Channel 3 has confirmed that the Mississippi State Auditor has been investigating Mister for embezzlement since June 2012.


  • Deja Brew

    Why would you slain your own mother and brother?? This is so sad. What goes through a person’s head to make a definite decision to commit a crime like this? We are in a sick and evil world.

  • Minnie Webster

    What would make you say a thing like that? Culture has NOTHING to do with why people do such crimes as this! It’s just plain EVIL that goes through a person’s mind as well as sickness. Please DON’T make judgment’s on someone’s ethnic background when something like this happens because ALL culture’s have been known to commit such crime.

  • LiveLoveLaugh

    If you think you are shocked,imagine what someone like myself is thinking that went to school with him, hung out & etc! This is mind blowing and it hurts deep beyond anyone could every imagine. He seem to have it all together but within a couple of years he had a bad engagement, lost his house , job and suspected of embellziment . God is the answer when going through anything beyond our control not violence! Please pray for his family as well as myself!

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