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Tipton County Deputies Round Up 28 People for Drug And Gang Activity

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(Tipton County, TN) People living in a Tipton County apartment complex said they are fed up with gang and drug activity, and they go the sheriff's office to do something about it.

"It's mainly fighting and drugs," said resident Kandy Leam.

Tipton County investigators said complaints flooded their office: gang activity, drugs and trespassing happening at Broadmeadows Apartments on Peeler Avenue.

In fact there were so many, deputies launched an undercover operation.

"A lot of undercover police came in," said Leam. "There were probably 20, 30 police officers walking around telling everyone to get back inside."

"A lot of them swarmed in the front, and they just got out and went to different people's houses," said one resident.

In the last 12 hours, deputies led a round-up. Six people arrested lived in the complex and face various drug charges.

Twenty-two others are locked up for selling or buying drugs at the complex. Most of those arrested lived in Covington. A few are from Millington.

A few were also charged with theft, sex offender violations and delivering drugs in a school zone.

Deputies said most of the people arrested lived in government housing, and they said it's an insult these crimes are happening around children.

Deputies will continue to carry out similar operations, and they're asking other communities to speak up.

Investigators said this round-up isn't over yet. They are tracking down a few more people and expect more arrests soon.

The following is a list of those indicted and arrested:

Devin Austill, 19, of 150 Peeler Ave Apt. A2 Covington, TN   – Del of Sch. III, Del of Sch VI

Adrian Harper, 23, of 154 Roseland Acres Atoka, TN – Del of Sch VI, Del of Sch VI, Del of Sch VI, Possession of Sch VI with intent, Possession of Sch IV

Jim Robinson Jr., 26, of Shelton Street (address unknown) Covington, TN – Del of Sch II (6 counts), Del of Sch VI (5 counts), Felony simple possession

Jamie Chavez, 35, of 1780 Baskins Rd - Violation of Sex offender registry

Erik Thompson, 34, of 110 Gary Cove Drummonds, TN – Theft of Property 1,000 to 10,000

William Palmer, 31, of 6367 Leamont Drive Millington, TN – Del of Sch VI

Marchello Gossett, 31, of 7673 Richardson Landing Rd – Del of sch II (2 counts)

George Adams, 47, of 110 Maley Circle Covington, TN - Theft under 500

Richard Benard, 53, of 488 Antioch Hwy Covington, TN– Del of Sch II

Debra Boyce, 55, of 150 Peeler Apt B9 Covington, TN – Del of Sch VI in school zone, Del of Sch VI in school zone.

Rachel Coffman, 31, of 112 Hwy 51 # 11 Covington, TN – Del of Sch. III (2 counts)

Cynthia Dancy, 35, of 808 Craig St Covington, TN – Del of Sch IV in school zone.

Rhonda Edwards,24, of 150 Peeler Apt # O114 Covington, TN – Del of Sch VI (Casual Exchange)

Chaquita Fayne, 27, of 1150 Simonton  St. Apt # 407 Covington, TN – Del of Sch II

Jerry Graham, 58, of 150 Peeler Apt # I23 Covington, TN - Criminal Responsibility

Sharon Owens, 45, of 126 Simonton St. Covington, TN – Del of Sch. III in a school zone, Del of Sch III

Mark Stephens, 41, of 31 East Kenwood  Brighton, TN – Poss of Sch VI with intent in a school zone, Felony Simple possession, Possession of firearm during dangerous felony (2 counts), Possession of firearm by a convicted felon (2 counts)

Carolyn Taylor, 44, of 150 Peeler Apt # B12 Covington, TN – Del of Sch. III in a school zone, Del of Sch. V in a school zone

Jamie Wilson, 20, of 124 Watkins Alley Covington, TN – Del of Sch V in a school zone, Del of Sch. VI in a school zone, Del of Sch. III in a school zone, Del of Sch. II in a school zone

Monica Gonzalez, 24, of 114 Tony St Drummonds, TN - Del of Sch. VI

Paula Michelle Cook, 34, of 3432 Edith Nankipoo Ripley TN – Poss of Controlled substance

Albert Eatman, 58, of 150 Peeler Road Apt # Q130 – Delivery of Sch VI (2 Counts)

Devin Martin, 21 years old – 95 Laurel Lane Munford, TN – Simple Possession (cite)

Brandon Osborne, 23 years old – 133 PW Reed Munford, TN – Warrant for DUI, Warrant for Violation of Probation for Simple Possession

Amanda Flegal, 36 years old – 389 Shannon Lane Atoka, TN – Warrant for Forgery, Warrant for Theft of Property 500 to 1,000

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