Ice Cream Man Accused Of Threatening Children

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(Memphis) There's concern in Southeast Memphis about an ice cream man.

A mother says an ice cream delivery man is telling children some disturbing things, including that he rapes and murders kids.

The manager of Frosty Treats, the ice cream truck company, says he looked into the complaint too, but no action has been taken.

It's not anything you want your kid learning from the ice cream man.

"My daughter didn't even know what rape was," said Amber Felton.

Felton says a driver for Frosty Treats served-up more than just ice cream to her young daughters.

"The next thing I know they are coming in screaming and I'm like, 'What's wrong'? And they're like, 'Ice cream man just told me he raped and killed all the kids on the street!'"

Felton says she called the manager of Frosty Treats with the driver's van number, but still caught him handing out ice cream cones a few weeks later at a southeast Memphis park.

"When I caught him I said, 'Excuse me sir, my kids told me that you told them that you raped and killed a lot of kids in the street.' He literally almost ran me over. If I had not jumped back, he would've ran over my feet."

WREG called the Frosty Treats manager Monday who confirmed he received the complaint, but says the driver says he didn't do it.

He says the driver started working for him eight years ago and has never had a complaint before.

However, all of the company's 18 ice cream truck drivers are independent contractors, so the manager says he doesn't know everything they might do or say on the job.

A young teen says his 11-year-old sister has had a problem with the same driver.

"He just try to be following her sometimes," said Quatavius Doggett. "He just stops and says 'hey, hey, hey.' She starts running."

"To hear something like that, it's very scary," said parent Camille Bratcher.

Parents, including Felton, want to see the accusations taken seriously.

"The next incident is someone going to be snatched into the truck and then what?" asked Felton. "It needs to be stopped before gets to that. He doesn't need to work with children."

He encourages anyone who has a problem with a driver to call the police.

The Frosty Treats manger says the driver accused is one of his best employees. He says he "runs a tight ship" and does thorough background checks on his workers.

He encourages anyone who has a problem with a driver to call police.


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