High School Football Game Cancelled Due To “Injuries And Behavior-Related Problems”

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(Memphis) Shelby County Schools has announced a Friday night football game has been cancelled.

The reason for the cancellation is unusual.

The Raleigh-Egypt/Trezevant High School game has been forfeited due to, “injuries and behavior-related problems, the team’s roster has been reduced to the point that it may place the welfare and health of the limited number of remaining players at risk.”


  • Don

    The reason for the cancellation is unusual?
    Its not too unusual for SCS. the county won’t put up with what the Memphis school allowed.

    I read in the paper where the MCS merged with SCS. Nothing about that was true.
    MCS voted their charter be dropped hoping the city would have to merge with the county. The SCS was forced to take and_try _ to teach the city students. Shelby County ask more of the new students than the MCS did I’m sure.

  • dixie normous

    Jocks think they can behave anyway they want with no consequences, then we wonder why they act badly, when they go pro, because no one has told them no.football should be banned

  • D

    Raleigh Egypt players quit on their sorry coach. This guy scheduled a game against olive branch and he didn’t even show up. These kids can be great if they would hire people who really cares about them and really wants to work with them

    • McCarthy

      Please…. these kids have the same GHETTO mentality that their parents have. While some of them are good kids, the vast majority
      are terrible at Raleigh Egypt.

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