SCS Bus Problems Leaves Kids Out In The Rain

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(Cordova, TN) If you can believe it or not, nearly three months into the school year, some Shelby County parents say they are still having bus problems.

One Cordova mother even took matters into her own hands this morning by shuttling kids to school after the bus never showed up.

“Get it together. Get it together,” said Toni Moore to the Shelby County School district after she had to spend a rainy Thursday morning running taking her child and other neighborhood kids to Arlington High School.

“We pay to provide a service for these kids, and it’s not being done,” said Moore.

Moore said her son and his classmates are supposed to be picked up from this bus stop at 6:05 every morning, but at least three times since last week, the bus driver has been nearly 40 minutes late.

“We’re always delayed. She’s never on time and that’s putting them back and making them to miss most of first period,” said Moore.

When it was clear the bus wasn't going to show up and the kids were soaked because of the rain, Moore started taking them to school.

“The young man that I had to take to Arlington this morning is a senior and he takes film, and he said ‘I wouldn’t go to school like this because I’m drenched, but I have a meeting,’” said Moore.

Moore thinks the district should have transportation problems worked out by now, and it should at least have an automated call go out to parents if the bus is running late.

The school district says GPS on the bus shows it was late a few times this week because there was a sub driver.

They claim it appears to be an isolated incident and they are working to resolve the issue with the family.

If you have a transportation problem, call the Shelby County Schools transportation hotline at 901-473-2289.