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Family Says Loved One’s Body Is Lost In Cemetery

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(Memphis) A cemetery plot problem has a Memphis family upset tonight because they have no idea where their loved one is buried.

They say a Bartlett cemetery doesn't have a clue where Renisha Johnson was laid to rest.

The family believes they're being victimized twice.

Twenty-five-year-old Renisha Johnson was murdered back in April, and her body was supposed to be laid to rest at Galilee Memorial Gardens.

Problem is, nobody knows where.

“I think it is horrible. Besides the fact it was a tragedy already, he entrusted them,” said family friend, Gwendolyn Barr.

A family friend is speaking for him because Joe Johnson is so torn up about what's happened. His daughter, Renisha, is already dead.

Now, she’s missing.

“To not be able to go and visit, to not know where she is, I think it`s heartbreaking,” said Barr.

Renisha was buried at the Galilee Memorial Gardens in May. Each time family comes to visit her they say workers guide them to different grave sites.

Johnson can't even put up a headstone.

“We drove out there and saw a great deal of digging that had taken place over the weekend,” said Attorney Howard Manis.

Johnson's attorney asked the cemetery owner to find the body Monday and show the casket or autopsy tag to Johnson to prove where she's buried.

But Manis says the cemetery cancelled the appointment.

Jemar Lambert, owner of Galilee would not return our phone calls or answer the door for WREG when we came by.

Lambert is already in trouble with the law, indicted this year on theft for burying bodies on someone else's land.

Prosecutors say he buried dozens of people on the property next door to his cemetery.

Also, WREG checked with the State and learned the cemetery itself has been operating without a license since 2010.

The State's also received numerous complaints about the cemetery, including another mix-up like what happened to the Johnson family.

“These people do not need to be in business any longer,” said Manis.

“To hear a grown man cry and to know she has a son that can`t even go visit is terrible,” said Barr.

Johnson says his daughter's 7-year-old son just wants to know where he can visit his mom.

Lambert is expected in court Friday on the theft charges.