Desoto County Neighborhood Watches Rainfall Closely

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(Desoto County, MS) Angela Reed spent her Halloween nervously watching the rain fall in her Hallum Estates Neighborhood in Horn Lake.

“We're going to flood. We do it every time it rains,” said Reed.

Flooding has been an issue in the neighborhood for almost a decade.

“Actually it hasn't come into my house because I'm sitting on a hill. But the houses surrounding me they open the front door and the water goes straight through the front and out the back,” added Reed.

But the scene in her neighborhood was different Thursday after work completed by Horn Lake and Desoto County to prevent the flooding.

“We built a berm to protect it to keep the water out of that subdivision. We just finished that work a few weeks ago,” said Desoto County Road Manager Andy Swims.

Swims kept a close eye on the radar all day while his crews were out observing the roadways and drains.

“We are always having some type of project where we have areas that silt in we have to keep cleaned out. We look for limbs and debris that are clogging up our ditches. We try to keep those cleaned out so we are prepared,” said Swims.