Christ Community Health Services Provides Assistance With Healthcare Sign-Ups

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(Memphis) Christ Community Health Services' main office became affordable health care central Thursday.

People were getting overviews on the plan and one-on-one help walking through sign-up.

Brenda Morgan was waiting for this. She is unemployed with no health insurance and had been just getting by hoping she didn't have a medical emergency.

"I need some health coverage especially since I've had some medical complications, strokes in my life," said Morgan.

With all the  problems signing up online, her son Barness Cotton suggested she use a paper form.

"That will be with the government at the address to have you in line and ready for what is to come on January 1st," said Cotton.

CCHS trained workers encouraged people to go with the paper sign up since the website seemed to be calculating benefits incorrectly.

Larry Haynes was one of the lucky ones who was able to sign up on the web.

"The little glitch we had where they kicked it back out the first time, they made a call to headquarters or wherever and that was it," said Haynes.

His new coverage is lot cheaper than what he was paying for his own insurance, which he had to get after his former employer dropped covering him in retirement.

"They were charging me about $500 a month, a bit expensive, and now these folks got me down to something I can live with and be joyful about," said Haynes.

Friday, CCHS will join with Memphis Mayor A C Wharton to provide information and sign-up at the Benjamin Hooks Library at 3030 Poplar Avenue from 1 to 4 p.m.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will also be at that event.

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    How can this joke be called “The affordable care act” when working people CAN’T AFFORD IT..

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