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Memphis Mayor Lashes Out At Police Union Over Statements About TACT Squad

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(Memphis) Police Union President Mike Williams set off a firestorm when he told News Channel 3 the police director's decision to pull the TACT Squad off the streets after a double shooting and a house fire was likely political, with city hall having a hand in the mix.

"It leads me to believe once again it's coming from city hall, there are possibly other motives," Williams told us on Monday.

"Mike Williams, you are flat our lying," said Memphis Mayor A C Wharton, when
WREG confronted him about the claims.

The Mayor was livid.

"I want Mr. Williams to come and back that up. Back that up."

"To produce truth there would be no proof because everything would likely be word of mouth. We are not trying to prove anything," Williams told us Tuesday in reply to the mayor's challenge.

"It's a disgrace to the police department to lie and I will see that the director  deals with that," said Wharton.

Apparently, he did.

Within ten minutes, the Memphis Police Director, who until today didn't have time to talk to WREG about his decision, announced a news conference 15 minutes later to set the record straight.

"I didn't even consult with the mayor nor did I ever consult with the mayor about any decision in reference to day-to-day operations of the police department," said Director Armstrong.

He insisted he alone made the decision to pull the TACT Squad off the streets to evaluate and restructure the unit and he told the mayor once the decision was made.

The new man who Armstrong tapped to head up TACT is Officer Sam Hines.

He served in the TACT unit for two years back in 1998.

We asked the director what was Sam Hines' most recent position.

"He was in charge of the Mayor's Executive duty detail," said Armstrong.

He was Mayor Wharton's body-guard.

Mike Williams says many in the rank and file of the police department still have questions about who is really calling the shots.

He says the lies are a part of the rocky history.

"We have a contract you go back on the contract, liar.  OK, you say the contract is invalid, liar," says Williams.

Director Armstrong says the union president's comments are reckless and divisive.

The two talked after our story aired Monday night.

Mike Williams says Director Armstrong has prerogative on what happens in the department, and his assumption about the TACT Squad was based on what's happened in the past.


  • Exhausted Cop Wife

    Exhausted Cop Wife

    October 30, 2013 at 10:40 am

    I guess our Mayor and his Son will be happy when the thugs he keep protecting….shoot up the entire city, going to hell in a hand basket under his Watch…sick of Memphis and it’s Mayor…Better yet, let’s hire the criminals running the city to Serve and Protect!!!!never seen a Mayor who does not stand by his officers..;rather thank speaking as a public defender!!!!! Can’t wait to GET OUT!!!!!

  • Exhausted Cop Wife

    Funny, he called it a Lie…..isn’t that what most attorneys do….Professional Liars!!! Stand by Our Officers…..Putting their lives on the line Everyday……not hiding behind a desk at City Hall.

  • Don

    I would like WREG to check who the suspect was who the TACT team Left.
    By the mayor blowing a fuse like he has brings a lot more questions about his leadership.
    I can not remember a time the leadership has pulled a TACT unit from a felony call.
    Mike Williams, in my opinion had every right to be interviewed.
    Its time AC to come clean.

  • Cheryl Marty

    I had to Mute the TV when old AC came on.. Not looking to replace it just Yet.. Everytime he opens his mouth Half truths, smoothed over Bullcocky comes out.. He showed is true colors with his 1200.00 a month Caddy.. and I have see Armstrong at the Council meeting.. Yes sir whatever you say and I’ll make it work is all he can say..

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