Man Arrested For Teaching Kids How To Make Bomb

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(Memphis) A North Memphis man is in police custody, accused of teaching neighborhood kids how to make a bomb.

Nineteen-year-old Christopher Hall is now facing a felony charge for allegedly making a bleach bomb with children in the middle of his street.

People say the neighborhood kids gather on Aden Street to play basketball most days, but police say this time they were out there making bombs.

Aluminum foil still litters the street where police say a bleach bomb blew up right in front of officers' eyes. They arrested three teens, including Hall, who witnesses say was instructing neighborhood kids how to make the bombs.

“Do you ever make bombs when you were a kid?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“No ma'am,” neighbor Martha Geeter said with a laugh.

“Is that something you did as a kid?” asked Hall.

“No. My mom wouldn't play that,” said neighbor Thomas Rhodes.

While the idea of bomb-making is foreign to some, there are plenty of instructional videos online for kids who want to make the dangerous and illegal activity a new hobby. They can learn what to mix up to cause an explosive chemical reaction.

An explosion is what police say they encountered as they approached the kids huddled in the North Memphis street.

No one was hurt, but by making arrests, police were obviously trying to send a message.

Hall’s official charge is possession of a prohibited weapon. His bond has been set at $3,500.


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