Stop Complaining, Start Cleaning

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(Memphis) Memphis was once considered one of the most beautiful cities in the country and city leaders are hoping it will be again.

This weekend around 4,500 volunteers from area schools, churches and other faith-based groups are volunteering their time to clean up the mess others have left behind.

The volunteers taking part in the 2013 Memphis Faith In Action Cleanup will pick up trash, cut grass, paint over graffiti and clean up abandoned properties across the city.

Memphis City Beautiful says it's all about people taking more responsibility for their own community.

Friday, a small group of parents at Hanley Elementary in Orange Mound could be seen picking up trash all around the school building.

The women who call themselves the Parent Investment Possess say it's all about taking pride in your city.

"Stop depending on everyone else to do things and start doing it yourself," said Tinika Cradler.

In April, the city is hoping to organize the largest faith-based cleanup ever in the country with 10-15,000 people taking part.

To volunteer forĀ  a Memphis City Beautiful cleanup, just click here.


  • Bozzo the Clown

    That’s a noble thought, but first you have get rid of the animals that cause it on a daily basis.

  • langor1

    Way to go Tinika Cradler, we need more of that attitude all over America. I was raised on the concept of “God helps them who help themselves”. Bozo, while there are plenty of bad people doing bad things, you can’t quit doing the good things because of that or you’ve just given up.

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