One Dead, Two Injured In North Memphis Shooting

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(Memphis) Three people were shot Thursday afternoon in North Memphis.

One man is confirmed dead.

Two others were injured and taken to the MED. They are in non-critical condition.

More than a dozen shots were fired in the area of Chelsea Avenue and Dunlap Street, in front of Greater Community Temple.

"I thought it was firecrackers."

When Pearl Hines walked outside her front door, she learned it was shots, not firecrackers, going off just feet from her home.

"It's sad, really sad," she said. "It's awful."

Several bullets hit one man while he was sitting in his car.

Neighbors say when they heard the shots, they ran across the street to help.

"We didn't know that somebody was in the car," one neighbor said. "Once we asked...they said it was too late, they didn't feel a pulse."

The two other men who were shot were outside the car.

One was shot in the shoulder, and the other in the leg.

Neighbors say what made the shooting even worse is that it happened in front of a church in broad daylight.

"Who does that?" one neighbor asked. "What's your standards, what's your morals? If you're going to do that in front of a church, you will do that anywhere."

Police don't know why the three men were targeted, and have not caught whoever is responsible.

Neighbors say they just hope the shooter will be behind bars soon.


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