Alleged Army National Guard Center Shooter Identified

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(Millington, TN) Two people were shot near the Naval Support Activity Mid-South in Millington.

A co-worker told News Channel 3 that the shooter was Amos Patton and that he is from Cordova. Sources tell us he has been investigated before.

The injured soldiers were identified as Major William J. Crawford and Sergeant Major Ricky R. McKenzie.

The shooting happened at 12:47 p.m. at the Army National Guard Recruiting center on Attu Street.

A U.S. Navy spokesperson says the shooter was a National Guardsman and that he used a handgun.

Maj. Gen. Max Haston said the alleged shooter is a Sergent First Class and a seasoned recruiter.

The recruiter had reportedly been fired, then left and returned with a gun.

The shooter, who shot two of his superiors, was taken into custody by other guardsmen.

One guardsman was shot in the leg, the other in the foot. They were taken to the MED for treatment.

People at the Naval Support Activity center were told to shelter in place for about 20 minutes.

James Puddephatt was sitting in the parking lot, waiting for his Army recruiter, when he saw someone run down a hill and jump into a ditch.

"He got on the cellphone and I guess he was contacting the police, and I start driving up and I seen two other soldiers fall on the ground out here right in front of the building, and it looked like they had blood on the back of their uniforms," he said.


  • V

    This is awful……ever since the Navy Yard Shooter; military personell have been getting ideas from one another to shoot whomever makes them upset.


    We don’t know the whole situation leading to the fight/argument and firing, plus coming off furlough and the financial difficulties that stem from it. Just sad that people resort to shooting as the only option and the additional financial burden.

  • DV

    Interesting how the emphasis is totally on the navy base (how many people work there, people who have love ones who work on the base), but this didn’t happen on the base. Anyone in Millington could have been in danger. Glad no one was seriously hurt though.

  • Oliver

    It’s a shame that so many people resort to violence when they perceive they’ve been wronged. I’m glad the victims are doing well. On a side note, doesn’t the Army have physical fitness standards? It was appalling to see such a fat high ranking officer (2-star General from Nashville) representing our military on national television.

    • Joe Williams

      Oh Oliver, I am sure your are simply chiseled with a six pack. At least this guy had the guts to serve and obtained the rank of Major General. What did you do for your country??? Sch-muck.

      • Oliver

        I have been in the US Navy for 20+ yrs and have always been within physical readiness standards. I’m not sure what your affiliation with the military is but I know that it’s expected of our service members to be combat ready at all times.

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