Deputy Killed In Crash At Fault

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(Memphis) A warning tonight for all drivers: ignoring signs and driving down roads closed to the public can be deadly.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol says that's how a Shelby County Deputy died -- by driving down a closed portion of Highway 385.

Authorities say he took the risk to get to work quicker.

Deputy Torrance Suggs' decision left a wife and two children without a father.

It’s believed Deputy Suggs went around clearly-marked barricades in Collierville on Highway 57 so he could get on part of Highway 385 that is still under construction.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol says Suggs drove head-on into a construction trailer parked on Highway 385 overnight.

Investigators say Suggs was using the nine mile stretch of unfinished highway to shave off about 20 minutes from his drive-time to his substation in Arlington.

The two-lane highway at night is pitch black, with no lights.

“You never know. It could be ditches, anything. It’s very hazardous. If there is a barricade up, you shouldn't go through it,” said Derek Wood, a concrete pumper.

We caught up with a couple of concrete workers who know the importance of barricades, not just for the safety of drivers but for them, on the job.

“If it was me and my personal vehicle, I wouldn't even take that chance,” said Wyatt, another concrete pumper.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office says Suggs was driving his own car on his way to his night shift.

His short cut, cut his life short in an instant.

“You got to think more about stuff before you do it,” said Wood.

TDOT says Suggs was close to being able to use the road legally.

Its opening day is scheduled for the end of November.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office didn't have anything to say about one of their own driving illegally to work, only that they are grieving his loss.


  • Don

    Might be a good idea for the sheriff’s office to randomly check that part of 385 and maybe they may save someone’s life. I wouldn’t think the deputy was the only person who drives in that area at night.

  • Antoinette

    They should’ve had the entire thing blocked off so NO one could use it. He wasn’t the only one driving that route. Maybe next time they should have the site closed down period so this doesn’t happen again!

  • A Grieving Friend

    he was OFF DUTY, I don’t see you scrutinizing any other crashes by people. Lay off, a wife lost her husband, kids lost their dad and co-workers lost a friend. It should never have been publicized in the first place.

  • Tim

    Don’t get up on a high horse people. Everybody has done something stupid. The only thing that gets me is he would ticket you if he was on the job. Rest in Peace deputy.

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