Race For The Cure Set For Saturday In New Collierville Location

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(Collierville, TN ) The new site for this year's Race for the Cure in Collierville provides one main thing, space.

The Avenue Carriage Crossing Mall gives Race for the Cure  organizers room to expand.

Last year's 20th annual race in Germantown, drew 14,000 participants.

More are expected this year.

Organizers decided to make a move from land-locked Germantown to spacious Collierville.

"It was literally to have enough room. When a sponsor calls and says I want to sponsor your race they say I want to have a booth, we have to have a place to put them. Never  want to turn down a booth sponsor," says Elaine Hare, with the Memphis-Midsouth Race for the Cure.

The Race starts in the  mall parking lot behind the Marriott Hotel.

It will go down Shelby Drive  to Houston Levee, then onto Collierville Road, Fleming Road, and back to the mall, past Don Christian's home.

"It might very well be a traffic problem but personally we won't be affected because we had no plans to do anything that way that day," says Christian.

That may be for the best.

Collierville police will start closing streets at 6 a.m.

"Make plans to be out of there prior to the roads being closed. If they have to get out, we will have traffic control points along the route  to make sure it's clear for the safety of the runners," says Captain Mike Moore of the Collierville Police Department.

More space means more  sponsors and more community grants to fight breast cancer.

The race starts at 9 a.m., one hour later than usual.

There will be shuttle service available for race participants at Central Church, Carrier Corporation and Omni Fitness.


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